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That apron describes me. I need it. LOL
Aw, Richard is such a Romantic.
Awww, sooo cute! *melts*
It was good seeing u at SakuraCon! X3
I love it how in most manga when people say "I love you" there is sparkles or some crap like that in the background, but when Monday says it, it's nothing like that (actually kinda gloomy). LOL!!!
Aiden is such a drama king. I bet he self narrates to.
Aiden's all crazy eyed in the last shot, Monday just looks emo. LOL
HAHA he would! XD
I know I'm a little late saying this buuut... REN I LOOOOVE YOU~!!!!
His pose on the last panel is totally kawaii.
This page makes me giggle.

stripepanther1989: I live in Missouri to, it has been weird here. U also have my birth date on your screen name. Random.
Ahh, *hurk* from Honeysyn, that makes my day. :)
Monday if you hurt Clover and quiet rehab, I will personally jump into the comic and beat you up.
Lucid, I happen to like the hair very much.
You've been missed
Come on Monday, you know what the jingling of the keys means. *nug nug*
wow, I've really converted to yaoi... so much that I find it a bit strange seeing a straight couple. LOL!!!
seriously, u're ending soon, that makes me sad :(
I love how worried Yurue is when he see Caesar crying. *dies from cuteness overload*
yay you're back!!!

To all those who didn't think Monday was mad enough in the last few pages, here's this one. :)