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*NOTE : Account use mainly for booking favorites & reading comics in SJ. Not thinking of publishing my own*


Hi there! My name is rhyzo, an Japanese-English bilingual user active in Japan! I'm usually extremely busy, but I'm trying to create my own non-comic book(yeah, i'm too bad as an artist), if you're wondering about that, go check my Twitter for progress!

PS : I have my own Discord server, feel free to join via Twitter desc, but it's way empty ;

Note that I hide most informations due to privacy issues. Please do not ask about it.
that’s the longest comment i ever saw 🤣
between lazuli and axel*
age difference came up in my mind 🤨
Step 4 spoiler : attac
(spoiler?)[not rlly]{definitely not}
irregularities found = illuminati confirmed? 🤔
the “Eh?” reply is the same as p5 by Speed.
what can i confirm from here
That Lazuli’s reply seems familiar...
The Next Stage, huh...
yes that heat is super effective
i guess that heat was too much lol
speed’s going to have a bad time again, will he?
he’s most likely to get rekt after this oof
(or not)
i would use rough 3min so... i lose oof
ok that sunshine’s makeup really might have took very long time to draw/produce effect... but CUTENESS OVERLOAD! *faints*
always moving Lazuli away from Speed, cmon girls... (vice versa pls lel)