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*NOTE : Account use mainly for booking favorites & reading comics in SJ. Not thinking of publishing my own. In fact, I only read Eeveelution Squad as of now*


Hi there! My name is rhyzo, an Japanese-English bilingual user active in Japan! I'm usually extremely busy, but I'm trying to create my own non-comic book(yeah, i'm too bad as an artist), if you're wondering about that, go check my Twitter for progress!

PS : I have my own Discord server, feel free to join via Twitter desc, but it's way empty ;

Note that I hide most informations due to privacy issues. Please do not ask about it.
For list of social medias I own, check my website link that brings to Trello card. Main contact will be Twitter only.
This really is one mysterious chronologically pre-controversial universe.... what a history the world has.

Though, 21yr... eh, forget, i don’t think the parents remember it.
some *visually* (physically?) inappropriate contents, so technically it’s gore. Forget that, Flare seriously knows nothing, probably he didn’t ask Speedy with his journals at all.
just a speculation though, might not be gore than SC
Get ready for R18+ (or CeroZ) content warning... something we saw in SC or more harsh may be revealed there...
logic is really messed up now, i’m never going to understand all of these at once oof
Ex-Solar Leafeon’s Starlight = Present Flare’s “Fluffy”... this universal paradox is getting more and more complicated...
Ok perhaps the Eevee duo is real. That is what we can confirm a SHIP. (finally!)
Busy train - or not. My place never gets that wide open to sleep...

not bcuz i have no best friends
Well, look at those reactions. Too many coincidences with emotions between Speedy and Chill. Must've been together secretly for a long time.
Imagine looking at the same place for a whole month, wasted. unfortunately.

fbi 9000
Chill’s backstory was not yet revealed... or well, not in the comic, at least. Maybe we won’t go through it too much, I can’t be sure.
Extremely Frequently Asked Questions (Ex-FAQ) answered... uh, biggest plot reveal?
6:47... yeah i’m not awake at that time on holidays OOF
Hello to a random person scrolling here, any Japanese reading? Just wanted to check, thanks.
Excessive number of encounters...

(btw why does SJ shuts down for me around this time? access overload?)
Well, this became a pre-new chapter for ESP, but on main series, and it’s not about Speed. Or will this chapter contain other unaware infos we never heard of?
Using some unused effects there... This somehow reminds me of Ultra World but guess that’s just me...

This entire comic could go holy if this is what Flare(or Solar, i guess) was going for. But it’s what Fluffy(revealed soon, I suppose) experienced instead. Just, wow.
Forgot to mention, will CC’s backstory be rev- oh well, we’ll never get into that for a while.
Gonna say this may go darker than what ESP already is plotted about. Triple trouble, all those SCs were not enough, and this is finally time to reveal the biggest history, I suppose.
i thought the yellow thing is some sofa, no?