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*NOTE : Account use mainly for booking favorites & reading comics in SJ. Not thinking of publishing my own. In fact, I only read Eeveelution Squad as of now*


Hi there! My name is rhyzo, an Japanese-English bilingual user active in Japan! I'm usually extremely busy, but I'm trying to create my own non-comic book(yeah, i'm too bad as an artist), if you're wondering about that, go check my Twitter for progress!

PS : I have my own Discord server, feel free to join via Twitter desc, but it's way empty ;

Note that I hide most informations due to privacy issues. Please do not ask about it.
For list of social medias I own, check my website link that brings to Trello card. Main contact will be Twitter only.
bandages has no existence in battle, it’s just a damaged effect.

i don’t understand seriously, only speed can have it somehow
Not to mention that Fluffy herself did said she can transform following the evolution lines. Gotta wait for more ESP pages to know that, but as well as ES main series.
Using Stage 7 ability requires Level 98, which is 98% impossible nor Speed.

Apparently, Fluffy is Lv98+, which breaks the level border. Wow.
Can’t his eyepatch just burn already?! Flare Blitz should literally burn things to hell, but it doesn’t burn yet... I guess 500 Poke is more worth than ¥500.
Parallel universe... yeah, whatevs.
~~we try to break the fourth wall for him~~
sadly i’ll have to say
no u
factor 2 fst
So all that time the voice was all from Flare himself? Or is something of his hallucination?
And how fast does speed’s arm get recreated? I can clearly say it’s under 15mins from ESP stories
yeah i’m pretty bad at fighting game 🥵
Yet another brutal kill by CC. Gosh, such an act here.

jeez, they have to chill out.
foO (way deep story now...)
ok i made a mistake there
in present timeline chapters*
Little do we know that this is the only page that we see anyone seriously hurt(i mean bloody stuff)...
at least know if he is as strong as speed, i guess 🤔
Flare has yet to realize he is not even as powerful as over level 50...
no one :
me : sonic 3 final boss theme
i think fluffy is helping flare, or he’s actually intelligent from original, idk