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I'm currently attending my second year at Malmö Comic School. It's pretty rad.
Dear god, I really need to stop failing at updating this thing...! D:
I accidentally went a month without updating... oops. :O
My updates just get more and more irregular... O:
Did I just forget to update twice in a row?
Yes. Yes I did.
I put the middle panel on my blog some time ago. I got a comment asking me if it was a joke.

Sorry. It wasn't a joke. :U
...and the chapter starts off with a short, fluffy flashback! Be careful, it's so sweet you might get diabetes. 8D
I forgot to update yesterday. Because I suck. :U

Also, sometimes I draw crappy and boring pages. And by sometimes I mean often. I'm sorry. <:U

(also, there was no update this Tuesday because I was home coughing my lungs out, and I don't have any internet at home. :U)
Yuki: You should never feel bad for loling at this comic! XD It's not like I'm serious about... well, anything about it. XD Keep on loling, my friend!
Enough drama, you guys. It's Domino time! :D
God damn it, Tomas, chill the fuck out.
You're such an observant reader, Yuki! XD Yes, it's the first time he swears. He's usually too much of a goodie-good to do so, but right now he's in a lot of pain so you're gonna have to excuse him. XD