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Is it just me or does it seem Sylva's and Lazuil's personalities are changing
@SansOfDale: I think she's thinking about her Father because, remember the information Leafy learned about her father
Lazuli looks so uncomfortable XD
Ok Girls stop teasing her about Speedy
@Ijustwannareadthecomic: Then Flare can give Fluffy all the hugs
@Spix Macaw: He's going to end it, but he said he would do more.
Like a season thing
@PotatoKing249: oh it looks like fluffy was hearing Sunshine's parents?......Now I'm even more confused
@ARS Creed: I think Fluffy was somehow able to communicate with the other Viruses, but that's just a guess
@BudgieGryphon: I think he's just growing. If you look in panel 9 it looks like he has normal eyes so I think his body is just getting adjusted to the new bond? Hopefully
@Pixel Moonlight: Well Fluffy might have told him, but it's hard to know for sure
@DareDevil60: My basement can be used as one, why? Are we going to have a Flare going crazy? XD
@ItzMatthewReading: your brother is Gai confirmed
@Guest: My fav is all of them
@MazXZ: the special chaps are more like backstories of past events, except special 8
@Ijustwannareadthecomic: I think normal chapter 10 since (I'm guessing about this) he might do the special chapters 9 and 10 after special chapter 8 is done
@PotatoKing249: It just gives reasons for ships XD
@Umbreon5456: that's why I said might, but I do think that was their father