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Mmmkay. Old profile was outdated and painful to look at *is not an immature 12 year old anymore*.

Anyways, I could give you a loads of crap about me, but that'd bore you so I'll just say I'm a friendly person and if you want my MSN you have but to ask <3 *lonely (;_;)*. I put you guys online in my awesome people contacts section X3. Oh yeah, and I make sprite comics. Wow.

Erm, yeah, if you want to internet stalk me, you can find me on DeviantArt and FanFiction.Net under the name Toffkat as well. Actually, I'm on lots of websites, so if you see me say Hi =3?

--Secondary account, yes? CaffeinatedKittyKat.
'Tis awesome. And my old avvie. Oh wells.

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Y'know, this year has got to be one of the most lol-worthy April Fools' I've ever had xD
It's a-burnin' =D.

Shiiiny fiiiire~ 8D...
July 31st, 2009
I have lol'd.
Carry on.
Carry on searching, that is X3.
No, it's not just the Satanic Panda.
It's the Satanic Kung-Fu Pan- *shot*
*Flees* DB
Oohey, wallpaper... =D

And it does look similar to those Animal Crossing robot things, kut it's a tree stump with Hikari's(?) skirt and hair, I believe.
This = XD
Also, boys are /always/ oblivious to love. Fact.
... Unless they're girls pretending to be boys that is XD.
Aw, Damn.
>.< I dun like the fact that you're going,
but if you feel you have to... ;__;
Well, you shouldn't let them comments get to you,
but it's your choice if you want to leave to avoid them altogether.
Plz stay? *big sad eyes*
Dragging out a Mr. Awesome Vs. Mr. Git comic won't help, will it?

Ah well, I suppose it's good luck, good bye and let us know when you're back, plz 'k?

{Late post, I know... but UK time means that the last post was at 3:14am >.<}.
Wasted four hours.


Drank lotsa coffee =D.
I voteth for an explosion with all the preeety fire and lights, and then the atoms will reform and we can repeat the process ^.^
... I scare myself sometimes.
We like you really... so you could just have a limb or two chopped off... I'm scaring myself again, I think I shall be quiet now... I voteth for living in pain.
*Toffkat has now left lurk mode*
Whee! ^.^ Something new to sprite! *runs off to open Paint*
Next on sprites list to be made: fighting poses. Looots and looots of fighting poses...
*Waits until the fight has moved away and no-one's looking* *empties vending machine through the convenient hole* *runs away with all the choccy, crisps and coke*
Dylan, you are being way too hard on yourself, people will be people and it's not your fault that fighting happens. If you hadn't made BBS it would just happen somewhere else.
Anyway, whatever happens to the comic is Dylan's decision to make and though I'd love to see the comic like it used to be (I know I haven't been here that long but I've read the archives. Twice. :P) if you think deleting it and restarting would be the best option then do whatever you think would be best.
Burn- I think it's the HOH room.

G-Suko hides in vending machines? <.<;;
Heh... I had to do each special zone about 50 times to memorize the ring placement so that I could get each emerald >.< But the special zones in Advance 2 are pure EVIL. EVIL, I tell you! o.O
Team Rocket Pokémon reference! ^_^ I always found that amusing. =]
A memorial picture...
Here's the picture I've been working on of Twi and Vix... The lyrics quoted are from Never-Ending Story by Within Temptation...
Can someone PM me the link to the chat please. My internet keeps cutting out, but I'm going to try to make it work.
Can't quite believe it.
1)Now you've got me started
2)It's not could become a zombie and start walking around :P
3)*reserved for future use*
4)I can't stop ._.'
6)I'm done with this list...for now ^_^
7)MUAHAHA*Cough**Splutter* ^_^'

Edit - 'cos of the news ._.
Fact: Pain is funny, when it's not your own.

In other news: O.o at Luigi followed by XD