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@TimeSceo: What makes you think that? :P
@Morzone: He's been trying to stomp on little kittyroar :(

If you ask me Giga-Giga Bowser ought to pick on someone his own size!
@JadeWizard: No actually this character is -- oh you almost got me, I'm not falling for that again! You'll have to keep reading to find out :D
@calmcnichols: Hey mate, I just use a lasso tool for shading like this and play around with the outlines (mainly by erasing). Most of this is on PS and Manga/Clip Studio (which I'm still getting the hang of), but I try and draw the sketches and general outlines on paper first, feels more natural
Hope you look forward to next Monday's update. Please consider clicking the little 'fav' tab below to follow this and be notified when it updates! Or just follow this link:

P.S. I've added an 'extras' page which has the character profiles and some extra art bits, please check it out :)
I just want to take a moment to say a sincere thank you to those of you who have read this far into the comic and to those that have favorited this on Smackjeeves.

Your interest has inspired me to put more effort into both the art and story and I hope that by the end of this first 'book' you will still be invested enough to keep following it. There are a number of twists and turns remaining on this road, and an ending that I can't wait to reach, and I hope you like how it all goes down.

This is as much about Incineroar as it is the characters he finds along the way, and I hope you like where they will lead him...

But for now there's a Giant Menace to deal with!
Stunning! And that was totally someone watching him transform in the last page. :O Or was it?
@Frog: Especially on lava!
@Frog: I love those games, wish they'd make another with Gen 7. And for the longest time I never realised Pelipper is spelled with two P's. I should fix that.
Giga Bowser just got more Giga!

Please check back Monday for another (approx) 15 pages, and if you favorite/subscribe the Chansey in my profile pic will blow a Sweet Kiss your way.

EDIT: We've reached 100 fans! Thanks guys, you rock! I'll post my little celebratory pic with the update this Monday!
@BudgieGryphon: Bowser just wants to scare everyone like Incineroar did on Page 4 (nah he really wants to eat him)
@GreyCorsola: Thank you so much for the kind words! That has made my day and has really lifted my motivation. I'm really grateful you see all that in the comic and am so happy you're enjoying it!
Things are seriously gonna go crazy soon!

Pikachu really hates what Incineroar has become, and can't stand his newfound passion for family. He thinks it's made him weak! What baloney.

Please remember to sub/fave if you're enjoying this comic :) And huge thanks if you have already! If we ever get to 100 I'll try and do something special to celebrate :D
@BudgieGryphon: Jr. has a heart of fire, just like his dad. But his flame is just an ember compared to Giga Bowser's! But you have a good point, for Bowser it'd be like trying to swat a fly.
@bonberjean: The Axe of Bowser's bane. He really shouldn't go leaving stuff like that just lying around if he's not gonna even use it. Maybe he was clever enough to have it hidden away this time...
@SonicBat05: I get carried away very easily, sorry. I'll try to tone it down a bit. :P
Hi guys and girls.
Just wanted to let you know I recently made a Deviantart account to post some of my pics.
Most of it's just from this comic but there are a few there that aren't (like character pics and stuff, or rejected 'pages'), so please feel free to check it out if interested! I'll be uploading lots more pics soon too.