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Hai thar!~ :3
You can call me Serenity, Mikon, Wildwolf, or whatever you want... I dun really care. At all. So take your pick. XD

Cutting to the chase, my drawing skills aren't the best. Actually, they suck a decent bit compared to the other amazing artists on here. My traditional drawings are generally better than my digital, but I've no functioning scanner. So no comic. Ah well. You prolly dun care anyway, right? =w=;;;

As for my interests: anime. ramen. drawing. writing. wolves. pokemon. medical dramas. general drama cuz it's just that stupid. music - more specifically, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park and Oomph. cake. oh, and cheesecake too! cheesecake is goood. yummeh.
I think that sums it up...? >_>'''
Anyway, good day! or night!... or afternoon! whatever time of day it is at your current location! ciao~!

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I agree. D<
I know this page is really old, but I'm seriously luvin' that last panel. X3

I definitely vote Mickey talking to the toaster. XD
I vote Cinderella! The little guy in the center (Cinderella I'm guessing? XD ) is adorable.
Dunno if it's relevant, but those ears look like maybe raichu ears? They haven't got marked tips like they would if they were pikachu. Then again, it could be the lighting and such, or simply because he's evil, and I could be overthinking this. XD