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Here is an alternate title for Penny Pinchers that I've been working on lately. Enjoy!
Welcome to VOlume-1 of Whamics! I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. This is simply a web series of random and unexplained comics that I have no other place to publish. Hope you enjoy!
Welcome to Whamics! Volumes posted on the 1st of the month.
Again. Art from my great Buddy, Check out his comic. I'm watching you!!!
This is some art from a great friend of mine! Check out his comic the Nova Code!
@dweeb: Thanks! Personally I Like the official one I'm revealing later!
I used my red and blue pen to create the illusion of ruled paper. That's how Goggle Geek (AKA Me) is able to take the ink from one of the blue lines and put it in his (my) Pen :P
Here is a concept drawing of Penny Pinchers- Season 2 I made quite a while ago!
Here's the Season 1- Penny Pinchers Poster
@dweeb: Of the world, as we know it! XD
@dweeb: Thanks! It was a ton of fun to make this past week!
The Pintcher family is now digital! What more can I say?...
This is the End!
@dweeb: Yes! *Activating Panic Mode*
The End in here! Tune in next week for the three page finale of Penny Pinchers!
Boxes on my brain!
@FriendlyNeighborhoodWriterMan: I barely even noticed! XD I guess I do have a thing for boxes. May explain why I take great enjoyment making the comic frame boxes alone XD
@dweeb: Plus, the interrogation box is empty! Saves money and gets the job done XD
@dweeb: Thanks!! Finale should be here by like the 30th. Day before Whamics! Thanks again for the support! Have a great day!!