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Oh hi, I been distracted by other pictures and stuff but finally finished this. Hope it's good, gotta get back to drawin. Have a good day and stuff.
Yay, finally done with this part of the chapter. I just wanna draw Kei again, feels like its been awhile.
Have a good day, or have some candy, candy is good yea? yea.
@Riaya: lol Alright, I'll keep drawing it this way. Thanks for the feedback. c:
I tried to censor this, I really did, but it just didnt look as good. :c So I half censored it with a speech bubble, nailed it.
Thoughts on my censoring would be nice if ya have any, cause probably only gonna get worse as the story progresses. Well, maybe not that much worse but ya know, when people fight other people with pointy objects blood happens. Im rambling. xc
Have a good day or throw some pillows, i dunno might be fun.
Took me forever.... I have no words.
Have a good day, or take a nap, naps are good.
Yup, i think all my picture size issues came from the tones so now back to grayshades, i like doing those better anyway. Anyway, heres the page, I'm sleepy, have a good day.
The page size has been changing latly, sorry. Hopefully they wont fluctuate so much anymore xC. I could barely resize this thing enough to get it to actually be uploadable while being roughly the same size, if i have struggle more with these pages this might be new page size. But, i think next page i'll go back to grayscale shading just to see if its the tones that are bumping the size up.
Anyway, have a page that took me too long...

Have a good day, or end up as derp as I am right now ._.
So, this took longer then I was hopeing... yeah, that first panel. xC
anyway, I got a good program so hopefully it'll be a bit easier for me to draw these. Also it came with screen tones, hazzuh!

Have a good day, or I will throw pillows at you.
@smacfarland: Thank you. c:

Awesome, first we'll eat some waffles, cus waffles are apart of a balanced breakfast, then we take over the world! And I'll figure out what to do with afterwards. Yeah, best plan.
New chapter starting soon...ish. I have to rewrite huge chunks of it so I'll try to be quick but, it might take awhile.
I haven't drawn these three in so long I had to find their reference sheets...
Yay! Now I just need to find my enemies and I can finally take over the world! Maybe. X3
Thank you, I will. C:
I almost forgot to put this up today, oops.
Anyway next chapter splash page should be up next week but just in case if I don't make it, it definitely be up the week after. Though I'm pretty sure it'll be out in time. I slacked off a bit last weekend. X3
Next page is the last page for this chapter, then I can move on to chapter 3 finally. I don't want to think about how long I've spent on this chapter, or not spent really... ;-;

Have a good day or face my army of small rabbits, I mean vicious rabbits yeah...
Ya know I might have said this before but, I hate toning pages. Can't wait to start drawing daytime scenes again. Yay sun.
Also, hope everyone had a happy halloween. Mine was spent watching top whatever creepypasta lists. X3


@smacfarland: I'm glad you're liking it so far. :D
I know the feels. It'll take me having absolutely no free time for me to give this up completely as I still want to draw it. Of course I can't say whether or not there will be more unofficial hiatuses, gonna try not to though. X3

@rakka981: More is coming. C:
Surprise I'm actually updating this thing again. Next page is inked and the last two pages for this chapter are sketched out already. Also, doing these on my comp now, it's just way easier.
Sorry for the wait, I had irl stuff and story editing to do.
I had cut out some stuff that made no sense so one scene had to be cut out so I have fused page 21 and 22 together, so if you noticed the numbers not lineing up thats why.
more to come hopefully.
This was on my pc unfinished for so long...
I-I did it though... yay... G-go me...
I think the moral of the story is, there are two things I don't like in life, schedules and shading...
I just didn't want to do anything, still don't, I had to make myself finish this. Next page when I stop feeling like a potato, and when Korea stops making free to play mmos.

Have a lovely day, or else tickling will be going down, and you don't want that. D<
"I've got stoneskin :P"
My toneing skills leave much to be desired, meh. I'll do better someday.

you all have a good day please. C:
Thank you! I'm doing very well at the moment, thanks. C: