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i like the fac that the box is it's mouth, it;s an indi moment for me 4 some reason
what if he does it 2 hard? and it uh... goes up... >.<
same thing happened with me...
(look above) *nods*
nero's my fave from DMC series
August 31st, 2008
awesome shading once again, love the new style.
i love the new shading. brilliant
Yeah, super pwnage
OMG, my fav saying, no shit sherlock, We say it all the time.
That is awesome, nice goin' cahir-the-witcher
Thats cool. I can't draw Stormtroopers at all. You did an awesome job.
Wasn't accusing or anything. Just wondering. keep up the good work =D
Thats funny XD
hehe thats funny