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Ayyyy red here ^^
Ah ok

NEWS UPDATE!!!: I have found the computer that I am getting! I still don't have enough money's tho :(. I will take at least 30 weeks of countless working, but i can almost promise that I will have the computer before the end of 2019!
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Bruuh this just got dark :O
To ME it wouldn't matter. As long as I get meh hands on a WOOLOO
Dude, idk why I laughed so hard at this page XD
Holy hecc..
Bro be nice to umbreon guys
Siblings in a nutshell ;-;
Mah ship is sailing =3=
Yo chill bruh...
I honestly love the comic so far! The style, the dialogue, did I mention I love the style? I don't think there's any flaws at all!
@SeahDaLunatic: Maybe thats the new style talking :3
When all is lost, eat a taco.