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@So, Random Guy: ... we shall see!
@So, Random Guy: well you are right in some way at least, I wouldn't just waste frames on a running joke (actually I was planning to)
@So, Random Guy: thank u for noticing c;
August 14th, 2019
@So, Random Guy: she is quite weary of those comments and it is beneath her to retaliate
@yepiz: ME TOO
@ZHODY the delfinator: this comic does have a lot of screaming in it and I also laugh.
@Mystic Fire: I did but I am too lazy to draw it in the comic xD
@Mystic Fire: Ain't it good? I can breed 'em!
love the perspective in the last battle!
@Thedoggoking: oh wow thanks so much! you know these comments keep me going c:
@WriterRaven: of course! he's only halfway across the region from his hometown! hee hee!
the feet landing in the sand shot is pure mastery
@sunburstblue: thanks, existential dread is my #1 goal here
@solaris127h: not really, Pascal is just making a running joke to his sibling
@ZHODY the delfinator: thanks, just keepin' it real
@yepiz: IF you can win a battle using the Ergun Equation, you can level up iterating though VMGsim
yea so i came up with this idea and suddenly got motivation
nice t r e e s