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Trebor!!!!!!!!!!! thats gift for NESS, From JOMOSEXUAL



Oh and Olle, i put my name on, on purpose, its not like people are gonna know exactly who Joe Allcock is...
i felt touched when i was at Michael Jackson's house....WAHAY!

oh god that was terrible, i'll go die now...nice flash btw
thats so good!!!!! thanks to whoever did this! =]
i've just looked through the archive, i really like your style the contrasting red, black and white.
I love the way you've taken pictures of, not scanned in the comic, and how the light reflects on the paint. Good Job!
haha! love eet
ace-amundo! =D
haha! ace
just read through, ace, i love your style of art too
good job man!
they aren't even sequals they're just downgraded, The DS kicksass, and the DS lite, well lets just say, it will warm many a lonely night........ewwwwww
wow! only one page left! i have enjoyed this comic so much
October 15th, 2006
holy crap that kicks ass!
shaun of the dead-ace
Ollie! please centre that link at the top, its been bugging me for ages XD

oh and nice comic
haha! great
GAHHHHHHH!!!!! what happens????
just read through the archive, its nice to see a comic on smackjeeves that isn't sprite, they seem to be everywhere.
Anyway, keep up the good work