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i can't tell if this is a bad thing
bioflare is my oc. i had a really fun time drawing him. oh i forgot the scarf
Bio the flareon. he has one blue eye and one red one. he has a scarf with flames on it, and has a flaming sword
@Weaselcheez: yes, expect a kid to do that.
this is really cool
that's the end of the shadowbringers part, moviing on.
this is really awesome!
Nice page
what happened to pmd generation?
is this line art? :O
@Pokemon151: if you like my comic, create an account so you can follow this comic's updates!
@Pokemon151: no it's just extreme speed
love you guys, keep up the support!
@JolteonIsDaBest: why? whats wrong with it?
so, i won't be posting anymore for a while. well not until i finish flareon squad which the link is down below
just letting you now, i won't be posting much