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You're not a nobody anymore! <3
Haha THAT's awesome
Aww this is awesome!
I doubt it will be a hospital he gets help from....
October 28th, 2019
I'm excited to see the interaction between him and Axe now
Yes, cops need their donuts!
I bet the new model isn't as cute as Connor!
Awww, Connor's mind should be so desolate!
Oooohhhhh that's a good point! Donuts are definitely the better option!
Don't lie, Hank, you liked what happened last time ;p
You can see his muscles through his robe!!!!!!!!
Is he blushing from anger or looking at Connor eat that donut all cute like that?
October 6th, 2019
Sounds suspiciously more like a command to me...
I get the feeling he won't be able to be subtle
I can't tell who's being more of a devil here
Aha! I knew it was you!
Wait isn't he one of the people who comments on this comic frequently? XD
This is so intense