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This is the first page we can see their statures compared!
It matches your boyfriend ;p
June 17th, 2019
Stupid O'clock, brilliant!
Was Armand a lawyer?! He's so smart!
I have the same first name, spelled the same as this character and I got freaked out for a second like why am in the comic?! But this cool. And shame on your dreams for bullying you!
It changed MY opinion. From respect to RESPECT. I can't to see how their relationship continues
ToGeThEr ;p
Good! Hank is too amused to care about her and Connor obviously would never care
Go Armand!
Hahahaha now I KNOW Connor needs that outfit!
Wow! I just found this comic and it's amazing! It's got me cracking up and highly anticipating what comes next! I love the dynamic between Jade and Justice!
Her brother doesn't look like he appreciates her sense of humor
My first thought after "oh no" was "where does connor get an outfit like that?"
June 11th, 2019
Hehehe "twice as many sleeves" I appreciate that he can tell jokes in this situation
Are you suuuuuurrreeee you don't want him to change, Hank?
Yeah, the look of surprise is so well done!
That photo is beautiful.