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heyyo. hope things are going well for you.
Clipstudio with reference layers!!
or just use the magic wand tool on most editing programs -> expand X pixels -> fill bucket on new layer
it's really faster than hand coloring once you find a good method.
@Firefly Jelly: i understand now. I was confusing the term with something else. sweet
@Firefly Jelly: not really sure what the comic has to do with anthropology but i'm glad you liked it :)
buena acción :)
keep up the good work :)
@Magnius: appreciate it.
I probably should have put these in before but I didn't think of it then. each chapter will now have a few pages of misc worldbuilding content at the end. lore here we go
like these dynamic angles.
@JayKnox: neat. nice to see the thought put into the world. I really appreciate that. it can take a lot of restraint to not bombard the reader with not-so-related lore at times and you've done a good job in my opinion.
really like the style and the setting. great work.

does eko have a gender? "son" was mentioned before so I assume the race has genders but I never noticed eko being labeled one or the other.
@KamourianKing: happy you enjoyed it! thanks!
@Blargargy: glad you like it. thanks!