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i like shoujo ai, anime, manga and japanese culture :3
....n stuff.
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You totally deserve 400 fans.
You're always saying your art is crap but its not!

Lol :) Love this page, 'specially the hair (appearently everyone does, but still XD)
...if that was me, i think i would know why i was nervous.
i'd turn around and be like "holy crap! dont hurt me!I didn't look on purpose ohmigod"
i wonder if i would die from blood a massive nosebleed. Lol.
Your art is so beautiful. I had to cover my mouth with both of my hands to keep from squealing just now!
is it just me
or is Amaya(thats her name right? the one with the black hair? I have bad memory so...) is blushing quite a bit there. I love this comic! =D
Oh no he didn't. >:o
OH HELL NAH!!! XD somebody go kick that guy in the nads
I don't think its going fast. :/ I have the same problem. I write fanfictions, and right in the 2nd chapter i get to the romantic stuff and people say I rush it. I was like I can't help it it is just soooooooo boring!
random question
I know this may be a bit random but i have always wondered what those markingz on Tomoyo's face meant.
I like this because of the art and storyline. and your characters are just sooo adorable! you're a great artist
Haha! that guy just got bitch-slapped.