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silver moon :3
Amazing profile pic by my best friend Elena
love reading cat warriors,drawing,i would draw something for people,plays video games, i hope you enjoy my comics :3
Also I like turtles and best friends with hexagon and I play the saxophone ?
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Idk this child
What did I do to u!!?.? Who are you?.? Go away please
Oh...... :o that’s ok
No u you are like a 2nd grader
Oooo can I be a co author?? :p
Wtf! Who are you?
silver moon :3
September 15th, 2019
silver moon :3
September 14th, 2019
Omg! I love ur new art style :000
I don’t really get the plot tho :p
Oooo Beth ur house looking noice you free this weekend??
I like both of the covers :/ so hard to choose
Beth hi I saw you at school today :))