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silver moon :3
Amazing profile pic by my best friend Elena
love reading cat warriors,drawing,i would draw something for people,plays video games, i hope you enjoy my comics :3
Also I like turtles and best friends with hexagon and I play the saxophone ?
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Yasssss it’s back am sooooo happy yay
@jaketheflareon231: same but i guess you just dont upload and it will think your on hiatus
i have one its silvermoonzz#2483
lol "are prey doesnt even run"
yassssssssssss this is the big gay stuff
He’s a dog oooo good lord cat starclan
I new you were going to say that lol
Since when did moo paw have freckles?
No way I would have been like f this shit am out
But maybe so he can beg to be friends and I say no
Awwwww ship
this is off topic but am in a warrior cat map
tansypaw is willing to forgive him so cute but he doesnt want it cries why why
Yasss that’s what I thought also I would love to see that