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I'm hyper when I'm eat sugar. I love sweet, I am not cute, I am not thin but at the same time I'm not fat, I'm average. I'm not tall, but taller than my parents, but shorter than my brother. I have black mix with a little brown hair, and brown eyes. I love to shop, read, draw (although I'm suck) to sing, to write (better than my drawing far better) I could be sweet and sour if I get mad. That all about me ;)
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Wow, I love this. Please update soon.
Jack for the love of everything. Man up and save your girl from the impending doom!! Hurry it up Jack, she going to die!
Update can wait, health can't. Don't push yourself too hard, it alright to miss a few weeks of A Promise. You must take care of yourself first, Zeus is a cute kid when he was small, how on earth did he become such a nasty man? I don't know but I can't wait to find out why.
Will this story be publish as book too? I might hate Zeus but I do love the story though.
Wah, Demeter! *Squeal* So this is before she die, I love it, I can't wait to see how the story will progress, don't get me wrong I love Poseidon he so cute, my cousin is in love with him! *Squeal* I can't wait for more.
Uh-Oh, what will happen to Reilly now? And Jack, you might want to re check your bandage dude, your eyes is bleeding even more. Can't wait for the next one.
Run, Reilly. Jack is different but whatever awesome chapter, please update soon.
I can't wait till the next chapter come out, please keep on working. This is wonderful, I love it.
Jack back! What are you going to do now Reilly? This is so awesome can't wait to read more.
Poor Reilly, paranoia can't really be healthy, but I just hope she won't get a heart attack when he show up.
OMG, So cute, I hope Hades enjoy his little Valentine gift, although I think he might hit Cerberus more than give them treat. But hey at least you get to see Persephone in ribbon. :D
Oooh, that gonna leave a mark, anyway, run Reilly run, although I doubt you can hide, since he gonna come get you anyway once he awake but nevertheless run.
Poor Reilly, I just hope she'll be okay, and also how can she work for him if she in pieces? Jack can be both dull and scary sometimes.
Poor Reilly, hope she still alive after this, maybe? Awesome chapter I love it.
Uh-Oh! Psyduck in trouble now, either way this is so awesome I love it.
Voltorbs such a bad child! I love it, poor Psyduck. I guess he just realize what was wrong. Poor kid.
Aww, Psyduck-kun is so perverted, watch him get punch by Misty once she woke up, even if it was for the good intention...
Run Reilly run he coming for you!
Why do I get the feeling that Persian gonna rape Meowth? Nevetheless, they back to the usual Pikachu napping thing again.
Meowth...^^; When will you learn not to piss off Persian who gonna be your future boyfriend? Persian seem piss, and Meowth yabbing didn't help either.