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I believe.

I love.

I cry.

I despair.

I smile.
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oh shiz, a sea dwweller!!
October 22nd, 2011
i wonder if we're gonna get a flashback of her past :O and you should never say those words to Raz!! DD:

you have misstepped milady. and have went from the frying pan to the fire
LOOOOL i actually did lol at this :D
You may have heard this but it's hard to see some of what they're saying :S you may need to get in really close and touch up the words with a 1 px brush or something xO
Still testing but with a story! Kindasortanotreallyokayyeahreallybutwithlotsofpauses
*randomly found Heard in suggestions* its funny cause i already follow Heard :D I commented before too :O

I clicked this instantly because of how darlng the icon thing is. So...cute and pretty...
omfg im all caught up! :S -depreeeeessed-

Well anyway this comic is cooler than the Arctic circle. and im pretty sure that place is super cold! I love the characters and zipping through the comic really showed art style shifting bit by bit :D

sometimes i didnt understand what happened, such as the whole Sid moving the church thing. i honestly didnt know that anything of import had happened til i read the comments exclaiming over it. so yay comments! they really help when im scratching my head going "lolwut"
But anyway, this is probably the last page ill see... -studiously avoiding smackjeeves due to too many comics to read-
ILL COME BACK FOR YOU ONE DAY! *rides off into the sunset*
...*gives DT first aid*
November 2nd, 2010
I am getting the saddest feeling that he is going to hurt her. Hurt her bad :(
NOOOO im caught up xD

But on another note this is something one of my favorite web artists do0es. she makes extra images like wallpapers and individual sketches and things, completely random stuff. she has donations at like, 10 bucks for a sketch, 20 for full color with a..button? or something. and people would donate depending on yknow, the incentive xD she has alot of fans, like you! so think of this as a prospect, it might not work for you but it's an idea!

Also, i love your webcomic, it has an awesome storyline, the characters are awesome, and its just a job well done :) You're doing great!
I actually don't like him D: I don't even like the priest dude but i think the warriorn lady might be able to be, in a zillion pages .__.;;
I can't help but want to admonish was kinda obvious they could never be a thing, he was just being nice :(
OMG she was going to go apoplectic
October 25th, 2010
She is srs about getting her man :3
October 25th, 2010
That's...not healthy xD
October 25th, 2010
...Scary... D: animal psychologists and child psychologists alike says its bad to loom over a smaller person/animal because it makes them feel small and insignificant as well as encroaching on their personal space
Omg...I have never seen someone get counter-trolled SO HARD LOOOOOOOOL xD
Best advice about Life ever.