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Just a geek.

I love manga (I have a huge collection), video games, computers, technology, sex, sci-fi, and art.
September 22nd, 2008
Yay! An update! :D
Wonderful chapter! I can't wait to see what happens next!!
Aw! This is such a cute scene!

I love all the updates!!
Your comics always maage to make me laugh. ^^
Awesome action shot! :D I think it turned out great. ^^

Can't wait to see more!
April 13th, 2008
I love Ray. <3 So mature.
xD Omg. Hilarious. The spoon saber doesn't look like a "spoon."
April 6th, 2008
Wow. o_o; He looks so angry... it made my blood cold.
Lol! That's true. ^^ It could be like how 1.5 million yen = between $15,000 - $1,500. (I don't know the exact conversions.)

@ Minor: Trish is not a whore. D:
T-ten million dollars....? @_@
Jeeze that's a lot!
I need to make myself a super model! xD
Aw! Trish is so adorable in this page! >^_^<

1.5 million is A LOT though! O_O I wish I had his job! xD
Please update more!! I love this!
Wow! Your art is really amazing! I like the story so far too. ^^ I can't wait to read more.