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Well, yeah. I sprite pretty regularly, and am prone to frequent hiatuses. You have been warned.
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Digi, use supersonic!!!
What game is this?
This explains everything that has happened in this comic up to this point.

If you remake it, i'll help.
Oh holy crap.....
*passes out from the awesomeness*
Meta, I gotta say, this comic has come FAR from your days on the NP boards. Congrats on making it this far. You've got a career ahead of you!
look pretty good. And extra credit for the "Ferret" concept
This is pretty good man. Two thumbs up! Mind if I make a Sly Cooper alt of this guy?
Truly a good sprite, but the arm is gone. Otherwise it's pretty sweet.
I think its pretty good
Yeah, shading leaves ALOT to be desired, quills just plain suck, and the sonic base is HIGHLY overused. Stick with your fox sprite, you'll go farther with that one.
*plays trumpet* Buhbye satch, you will always have a place in our hearts
Number 3: Golden Thorn

Number 2: dunno

Number 1: Amaretsaru Thorn
Sweet! I'm surprised Kikyo made it into the top ones, considering I slapped it together in ten minutes.
Sweet! Both of my alts made it into the top fifty!