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He is an interesting person who likes to have fun and likes to mess around when he should be working. He has a pet Black Widow in his family's closet. He can also eat wasabi sace(The kind you put on Sushi) and plain habaneros (The world's hottest chile pepper). Right now, he is talking in third person.

He is also a Christian.
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    Bleached Fire
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Thank you!
Here's the Site:

and check out some other videos on there they're all mine

movies, animations, even videogames!!!


go on, click! theres animations and movies and even some of my videogames!
its got alotta cool movies and games I made....
good. lol
I actually really like this effect...
which was invented by stoners...
ya know i created a character like that about two years ago...
emo, skater, stoner, scene especially
yes. lol
because we have become used to it. when something jars it we feel dizzy
i live there and its based on chile and pussy tourists who cant eat it. And illegal immagrant workers.
Should I keep the shaking effect?
make a long line thats skinny. then put four close to where the figures are. i didnt save the lines sorry
Yeah for a romeo and juliet anim for school

yeah... we were bored