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Xero Boomer
Hi there! I am an artist residing in Las Vegas. I write horror and am a horror buff and reviewer of comics. Before you read my comics, know that I am a horror writer. My subject matters delve into very dark and distressing territories. If mutilation, rape, ect. makes you nervous or freaked out. I suggest not reading my comics but feel free to check out my reviews! there G rated, I try not to swear, lol! If you have any questions or comments for me, feel free to send me a message, I love replying and I am an open book! Have a great life!!!!
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    Xerocorpse Boomer
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Hello all! I love and appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read my story, you all mean the world to me. I will be taking a short break before releasing my next issue "6, Melancholic" to focus on my paying job (I'ma poor poor little man, lol!) See you all very soon!

;) just not the way she wanted
Aww well thank you!
Thank you!
I hope you enjoyed what I have made! The next issue is gonna be a blood gusher!
Little bitty Kiesha ;)
Billy reveals his past to Zoey; explaining why they cannot be together, Julie has something she wants to confess to Rabbit, Amber and Kiesha find they are not alone in the basement.
You have such an amazing story, loving every page!
Discover Billy's horror hidden in his past...
definitely, it is a fun way to interact with the readers :)
While waiting for the next issue why not a crossword to fill the time? :)
Jeremiah's plans are about to unfold as seven friends venture inside of his dilapidated confines. Who will he unleash his hate on first? Will it be Billy, Amber, Rabbit, Kiesha, Julie, Zoey, or Dante? Come back June 5th to find out!
Starting from the 60's
This is the starting point of my tale. The main characters are in the following issues to come. This issue focuses on the circumstances that brought the tragedy of my tale to for-wishing.
Amber has the best of friends! :)
Let's see who he REALLY is!
We dive deeper into Amber's past to discover the horror she went through to make her who she is today.
There was no fun...from the crappy cgi to the pointless plot to the non existant characters...there was...nothing...
She is gonna be a bad A in no time!