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This is Bura. I live in Santiago, Chile (that's in South America BTW)! I'm not very good at expressing myself, so I'll fill this form instead.

+ Artist: Minekura Kazuya, Miwa Shirow
+ Anime: Gankutsuou, Eureka 7, Terra He...
+ Manga: Wild Adapter (Minekura)
+ Comic: ...I don't read comics, except for the ones at SmackJeeves D: Maybe I'd read some if they were cheaper.
+ Book: Crime and Punishment (Dostoievsky)
+ Music: 90s Grunge and JRock.
+ Movie: Trainspotting, Mysterious Skin, My Own Private Idaho, Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
+ Videogame: Digital Devil Saga, Persona 2 & 3.
+ Simdate game: Togainu no Chi.

I tend to like stories containing medical stuff, drugs, mafia, drama. (Also, if there are a lot of guys compared to the number of girls, that's a plus 8D!) I'm not really into sporty stuff or anything extremely shojo (except if it's drama). I don't really care for the drawings if the plot is good enough.
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    Blast F. Mathews
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Double Update!
Since this is already finished, I'll upload two pages a week.
Johannes, you should always smile!
Ooops, I forgot to upload this on Monday. I'll try to put a queue so they get uploaded automatically.

Have a nice day~
Awww ♥ Thank you so much~~ I'm glad you like Alain :D!
I get confused with english and spanish onomatopoeias, haha ;~;
By the time this is uploaded, I will have started my new job so... Guess what. I finished this comic (no, this isn't the last page!)! I'll still publish once a week, though.
I-I managed to get this page on time, yay ;~;
To be honest, I don't know if I'll be able to keep with weekly updates 'cause I'm starting a new job next week (besides University). I'll try my best anyways.

I told you, Johannes, you mustn't move so fast!
@KarinEXE: Ahahah, sobre el cambio de tema, acabo de cachar. Es que en la versión en español hablaba de que había ganado muchos premios, pero en la que subí aquí no dice nada, haha. Gracias por la aclaración.
To be honest, even at this age, I love going to the zoo, and so does Johannes ♥ I don't think you want to be lectured in bull and bear markets, right?

(That third pannel is Johannes touching his chest due to anxiety |||OTL )

Next update should be up next week ♥
Estaba frustrado y quería demostrarle a su doctor que estaba equivocado y mientras iba saliendo de su revisión se encontró con los doctores de Johannes y escuchó todo >:c
Alain-centric page
Just as promised~! Here's page 16!
Sorry, Alain. It happens sometimes *pat pat*
Next update is coming on March 21st! My vacations are over, but I worked the whole time ;~;
@Red Shinigami: Hahaha, the kind of pedo you wouldn't report ;D *so wrong*

@KarinEXE: Awww, gracias ;~; Todavía no cacho como se usa completamente el ComicWorks, me demoro como 3 horas por página, lol.
It's up!
Update! Now I have the rough sketches for the whole comic, so it's way easier to finish this ♥ Next update WILL be up next week.
Johannes is still between the sheets, come out already >:0!
KarinEXE: Eeh, no sé que tan seguido actualice, pero me gustaría terminar esta historia. No creo que siga con "Medical Issues" después de terminar Bovarism.

Red Shinigami: Thank you for remembering me about this comic! I'm ashamed to say that I had forgotten about it :c... And thanks for your sweet comment ♥♥♥
Nice to see you guys again
It's been reaaaally reaaally long. I'm very sorry for all the people that kept waiting for an update. The story for this comic was written about 6 years ago, so it's not a problem.
My style has changed, I don't even use openCanvas anymore, but I don't think that my new style will bother you, right?
I'm using ComicWorks to "tone" this comic and the font is called "Lavi".
Have a nice day~ ♥

Oh, just in case it isn't clear, Johannes is hiding beneath his blankets, all rolled up.
I'm so very sorry for not updating this in so long. My style has changed a bit in these last three years.
ANYWAYS! Thank you, Red Shinigami for remembering me about this comic. I had pretty much forgotten about it D:
...and guess what? I'll be posting an update really soon (characters look a bit different, but I hope you still like them!)
November 11th, 2008
Wow, this page is beautiful D:!! It's so bright and I love how you painted their hair in the last panel~~

This page reminds me of Weiss Kreuz, lol. I believe I can imagine what's behind those doors.

I-It's not like I took 2 months to do this... D:
....I'm a bit ashamed of posting... eh... this page, whatever...
And the last "dialogue", whenever I read it makes me sing Underworld's "Born Slippy".

Don't expect next page any soon... ;3; School is killing me with all those essays and PSU preparation ||OTZ
August 16th, 2008
Me encanta como se ve Evil Needle Boy cuando le entrega los anteojos a Erin ♥
Cuando vamos a saber su nombre? XD O ya lo dijeron...? D:

Yo leí ADZE, am I cool? :3
Se ve tan satisfecho en el último panel XD
@Nekomata: Don't worry about the names, there are only two characters, so if one of them isn't speaking about himself then it's about the other guy in the story.

@GreenLiquidBrain: XDDD Wow, I'm glad to hear that someone doesn't want that to happen XD

@AvalonDrake: I'd love to let him say something like that, but I'm afraid it would be a bit fast XD

@fgirlmaggie: Ough... I hate when people ask me to draw something close to porn... A classmate of mine (not even a friend) asked me to draw some DD-Cup lesbian porn <__<... WTF. And he barely knew my name...

@KarinEXE: Y no soy yo 8D! ....No, en serio. Pero si es un adolescente saludable, y según Freud, tener pensamientos así, hasta con parientes, es normal :D
June 11th, 2008
Oli :B
Me encantó el efecto del pasillo luminoso XD~
Y Tsuna se está agarrando la unib00b~