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I've been an artist all my life and I've made hundreds of comics over the years, just haven't posted them on the web until now. My artwork centers around my own characters, specifically Kevin, who is my male alter ego and my main character used in all of my major projects for over 10 years. Recently, I've created new characters and given Kevin a more extensive life. I now am trying to work on my comics as often as I can while not playing World of Warcraft (call me a nerd, it's okay, it's true), spending time with my boyfriend, or working. Oh, and playing with my obnoxious cat.
Oh I certainly can, Jo.
Just looking at this now, I realized they never wear these outfits in the comic.

You mislead me!! /cry
Ah, poor Ronnie. His dreams of being Spiderman were so short-lived :P

I'm glad that you might continue this as an on-going series! But I demand more Snoofles, he's my favorite character.

And make a Taratuta character, I'm serious.
This is why you don't build a giant hole in your office.
Oh boy... I am severely disciplined.
He should go to jail just for looking at them wearing that
@ Phoenixgem - I wish I had him as a Government teacher.
I miss Snoofles :(
I love that Ronnie still has his red hair lol
"Don't look down."
Oops, too late.
Gross, yet still manages to look so cute
In it for Ronnie, are we?
Shouldn't you someday make a character of Taratuta? That would be funny.
Funniest note-passing ever.
Mrs. Tamasko!!
Eh-heh, I mean "Tabasko". Of course.
That IS a fantastic disguise, I have to say.
Is their mom dating Quintin Tarentino now?
There was nothing wrong with it this time around XD I like your artwork, it's rad
Nice job, dude. It was awesome.
I never tell you enough how much you inspire me XD