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I'm a lesbian that is really into anime, especially shojo-ai and yuri (no not hentai). I'm an avid sports fan, especially soccer, I enjoy fan fiction, writing and reading it. My two favorite "shojo-ai" animes are Mai Hime and Otome and Maria sama ga Miteru. I "married" my partner in June of 2007 and live an everyday normal life, filled with bills and debt.
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Hmm, if these pages are breaking the creator's heart then what does she think she's doing to the audience? Haha.

No as always great job.
Tip of the iceberg huh? Of course it's the wrong decision. Think I'm a little too into this comic, haha. rebound please. I have to agree with FMF! Don't forget, and don't be hurt Jade, Seiya loves you. Remember that :P
Congrats on 200!

And come back Seiya! Or go to her Jade, whatever comes :)
ZOMG! Page loads, I see a breath taking kiss (imagine me bopping up and down in my chair cause I'm a goober)- then goodbye! What?! Jade follow her, I command you...LOL :D.

The kiss was loving, wonderful, real. I would re-read the entire comic just to see that again.

Bravo as always! This chapter you have really out done yourself, and that's saying a lot cause this is a GREAT comic. Jade and Seiya are meant to be together, at least I hope so.
Damnit, onlinecomics didn't make me aware of this update >_<.

Okay so "NOOOOOOO"--what the bloody hell?! Cliffhanger much?

Seriously, fan-friggin-tastic panel. This page brought a tear to my eye. Bravo again.
Ugh site was down yesterday! Haha.

You nailed the emotions on this page. It's definitely one of your best-the expressions-the hurt/pain. Gorgeous. Though again, Jade's pain strikes a chord in worries, so does Sieya's. The plot is really moving along and it's really confirms to me that these two need eachother. Don't make us wait too long :). I'm such a fan girl, at 25 too-scary LOL.
*Whew* Glad I'm doing the right thing :D.

Anyhoo, bravo on this page as well. No worries on the flow, it's all brilliant. We're seeing everyone's pain and you've kept me hooked, I seriously can't wait to read what happens next.
What an emotional page. The anger is very evident in Seiya's reaction. I have to admit that Jade's reaction is the one that effected me the most. The look of panic that Seiya may return and the tears. Part of me thinks it has more to do then just Seiya's family. Could Jade be finally realizing her feelings for Seiya??? LOL. It's a bit of reading between the lines. :P
Oh I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about the next few pages, LOL. :)
Great range of emotions on this page. Excellent updates as usual.

*Crosses fingers* Come on Jade- comfort Seiya :P. Though you've already mentioned we'll prolly go nuts during this chapter, LOL
Hate is a strong word but I have a feeling what you're going to do and I'm sure I'll be cringing a bit. But if it moves the plot along, excellent.

I have a funky feeling about the plot LOL. And I was looking forward to Jade and Seiya moments :P
First of all congratulations! Probably a day late considering today is Wednesday, but yes yes excellent.

I'm loving this comic and I check it daily to see if there have been updates. I second a lot of people here, do whatever you like and feel comfortable with. It's excellent and the decision is yours, just as long as you do return to drawing it if you wait. It's really my favorite out there :)
Great job and sorry for the lack of comments, I'm definitely keeping up with it. I do miss Jade and Seiya :) though.
Welcome back! I also don't believe you will suck at the action scenes. Been looking forward to this chapter too..thanks for the update. WOot!
Thanks for the great update. Lor needs to learn to read others, lol. Thanks again.
I agree, this was a wonderful chapter. You are definitely keeping things interesting, no worries about that. They have so much chemistry together, I give you mad props. And Bravo, can't wait to see what happens next.

Thanks for the quick updates as well.
Aww, beautiful. I can't say anything else, just beautiful and a little heart breaking. Still more to read, to page 173 :).
Woot for another update! Okay, I realize I am coming off as a fangirl then again, I can't help it. I am really hooked so I'll keep saying it again and again. You've incorporated everything that I enjoy about shojo-ai/yuri goodness but it's your style.

I'm definitely rooting for these two.

And yes, nice touch with the sparkley's :D.
Yay for update! Boo for cliff hanger >_<. LOL. Excellent, can't wait to see what happens next. You can't update quick enough for me, LOL.