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Not really sure what to put here. Um... Zli isn't actually my real name. ^^;
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Basil all the way.
I'm thinking either two or four.
So that's the name of it!
Wait a moment... Is this from a Journal PKM made on DeviantArt a while back?
Now we all want to know, when Link gets the Ocarina of Time, does he just toss aside this Ocarina aside, or will he keep it? I guess we'll all have to wait and see!
It's alright! We've all gone through those times. ^^
Welcome back!
September 28th, 2019
The Eevee Academy fans sending those comments must really be regretting it now. And the Eevee Academy fans who didn't send those comments must be really frustrated as well. That's what happens when you antagonise people. ^^;
September 26th, 2019
Great page! I'd totally commission you... If I had a job. ^^;
With an option so simple as this, I don't know what to chose. XD. So, uh, I'll go with Mouse on this one. Forest.
I'd say either one or two, leaning a little more towards one...
September 19th, 2019
Milo's face in the fifth panel is hilarious!
I was genuinely surprised to see my question get on here, but I'm glad it did all the same! ^^
To Cade: How are you doing? ^^
Absolutely brilliant!
Make that two hugs for little chu.
I found this comic yesterday, just caught up today, and I gotta say, great comic! I like how you're changing up the characters and giving them really diverse personalities, and not making it so gyms are, well, gyms, it's really unique. Just saying, ten out of ten, I love the comic.
Sakarime: Any typos?
Half the comments: *Debating whether a character is a Salandit or a Salazzle*
The buildings look like weird giant cakes? What? *Squints* Oh, hey! It does!