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I'm back!

"They say it's important to occassionally stop and smell the roses. Of course then you'd probably be stung by a bee and die from an allergic reaction while your loved ones look in helpless horror, but at least you'd die smelling nice."
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So ermm..... New webcomic lololol. Yeah!

Come check it out?? :3
I forgot to post a reply on the last page D:

@NanaYuki: Thanks again XD Her phone looks like one of those really old nokia phones.
Nationals is over!!! XDDDD

Sorry, I'm bad at drawing phones >.<
Woohoo! I updated much sooner than usual! XD

@NanaYuki: Thank you so much ^_^
Ooh, an update! How rare :3
I've been real busy lately, so yeah.. it's been awhile since I've updated. AGM Nationals next week!!!! Gotta practice hard to win.

Pane 2 is Juni enabling (sp) the speaker on her phone. I was afraid it would be hard to tell what was going on. Oh, and the box with music notes around it in panel 1 is Juni's ringtone XD.. Hint: the song's by Adele.

In other words,
It was my buddy's birthday yesterday!! Happy birthday Nikki!!!
View her awesome webcomics:


@konstan_tina99: Yes, Taylors the friend ^_^
Lolz, I know, It takes me a REALLY long time to update just cuz of my schedule. I've seen this on top of my favorites list prolly 4 times XDD. Whenever I do I'm like O_o
I haven't uploaded in a REALLY long time.. Summer's almost here! MAYBE I'll upload more... maybe...

I decided to post my replies on the Author's comments, just to be sure the people I'm replying to see them. (I got this idea from MADxxasxaHATTER.)


@BAMchick96: Thanks ^_^

@makinsushi: Lol

@CheshFire: I'm glad you're enjoying it ^^ I hoped to upload soon.
@Skriptkitty: Thank you :3

Oh dear, I really should fix it. Thank you for pointing that out :D
April 4th, 2009
Lolz, we updated at (almost) the same time XDD

So I see you use a pen tool now? :3
It look great!

Psst. I'm the lunatic scientist. >w>
Lolz, I redid this page XD

All the images in the 3-5 panels are taken from google :3
I really needed an update...

GYAAAH!!! The screentones got all screwed up >.<
Ah, zeiva... Of course it's zeiva! I knew I recognized this beautiful style!
February 26th, 2009
@Marniemack: Thanks :D
February 18th, 2009
@Sadder: Lolz, thanks XD

Fruits Basket was an adorable anime *3*
@LadyGrimm: Lolz, not really symbolism... XD

D: You should've made one for Death Melody! SHAME ON YOU!!! >:C
I gave you my heart.

Blood Brushes:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Juni x MysteryMan
Lulz, "I think.."

Awesome comic so far :D
@Sadder: Thanks XD
@Fluffers/Cousin: Thank youz X3
Smackjeeves is giving me problems too, it's toooooo slow D8<

Muahahaggahaha!! Donator Comic >8D BEEEEWAAAAARE!!!!