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I Dream in Spring.

I am in The Business of Monsters.
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    Call me Mr. Fancy
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You are a beautiful artist.
You are a talented artist, and the Way you place colors on a page could bring a tear to the very eyes of Shakespeare.
Twilight Question Answered.

He did not Want to live with such a Shallow, mindless zombie of a girl for all Eternity. The "soul" thing was just a polite ruse.
So much of Epic.
I hold nothing for you but Love.
Dear, you.

Little of your life is known, but from what can be detected from the passerby is the absence of your presence, and a large number of people miss you terribly and all the wonderful things you have to offer. So where every you happen to be I hope my words of missing fall on your ears and keep you warm when the weather should seek to make you cold.

-Sincerely, B.M.
September 16th, 2011
If only I could Venture back in Time and Cheer you on for the Next Page.
September 16th, 2011
I Love you with a Heart full of the Most Finest Gold. I hope One Day My Love will Aid you in Time of Need.

This is a Beautiful Story.
I enjoy all of this Very Much.
April 21st, 2011
I Keep Falling madly in Love with you.
It looks as if Huckleberry fin is Attacking a type of Flower.
this is Very Wonderfull.
I Enjoy Boats. and that is a Wonderfull Boat.

Just Wonderfull.♠
You Make Me all Giddy inside as if Christmass Has visited my insides and Rubbed against My Lungs.

-you are Lovely. I am Unaware as to why this Has so Few People who are aware of it.
My Oh my This is Better than Erotic Bears Head Butting into Each Other.

a Wonderfull Tale. Wonderfull Art.
This Is Wonderfull. How am I finding this Only Just Now?
February 9th, 2010
I Dislike Tuesdays.
Thus I will Not Give you a Page on this Horrid Day.
Instead enjoy an old Doodle.

Since I am Lacking I Shall Introduce a Wonderfull Web Comic Full of Queen songs and Zombies and the what not.

It's a Rather Good Read.
I am Fond of this, Like Bicycles and Candy canes.
February 6th, 2010
"What the Hell is dis Shit?"

A Lazy Person being More lazy. With this style of Pages I can Leap 5 Pages in a Single Bound!

"Thats Kinda Dumb, cause you need to update every 3 days"

February 3rd, 2010
This Page, is lame. and the Following Ones will Be worse.

But I need to Push on. and I can not Fiddle over all the Imperfections, if I want to update Every 3 Days.

Almost Missed today.
I Am Most Glad you have Chosen to Update.

Please Continue to do so.