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Currently Returned from long hiatus ..
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This page took me 4 hours ._. lol.
Its been 2 years, yes. Im sry im on hiatus for so long... been really unmotivated to do alot of stuffs, and im finally back !

You can say my art changed alot since 2 years ago..Figures, since its been so long... I miss Kyouya and Ichii, and i wont let the story stop like this. :D!

Look forward to it :)
it's a phone call! :D
ohhh the dramaaa. x.x

"I'm falling for you " LOL
aw. how sweet is that <3
DT getting a cuddle from kahn and atty gets jealous ? :DDD

woot <3 <3 <3 <3 *awaits happily*
hey im gonna watch alice in the wonderland today too!

Happy birthday! ^____^ Have fun! :))
Lol. that teacher does look abit like, Shiratori. xD
i knew it was him xD

wheee~ *danes*
This is a fanart from charminganime1092!

Thank you so much dear! i really really love it O///x
You have motivated me to update more now, Lol. :)

lifesaver <3 Yes, i know who it is. i think XD
omg, richard.. you're already so ebil at this age? naughty you <3
omg, atty! USE THAT PUPPY EYES ON DT. i wonder if DT'll understand :l lol.
pow ;D
... LOL
omg haru o///o he's cute