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I like history, Greek mythology, and fantasy ^w^
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@Spirit of Water: Ahw thank you!! I'm really happy to hear that you're enjoying the comic so far ^w^ I wasn't able to find much content for this pairing either online so I decided to make this webcomic for that xD Athena will be appearing in the Salvage arc sooner than later for the murder mystery subplot. Thank you again for reading my webcomic and I hope you enjoy future chapters to come (hopefully soon)
Author's note
This is a chapter based on a myth I read about Persephone prior to her being kidnapped by Hades. At the time, she was referred to as, "Kore" which meant Maiden-- hence the title. I kept the gifts in line with what each suitor gave her in the original source material (though it was rejected by her mother Demeter before it even reached Persephone). The one thought I had while reading this was, "why the hell would Ares give a spring goddess weapons and armor?" and decided to use that as a sort of laughing point. Hermes also gets introduced here and you get to see a mix of his affable but less-than-trustworthy side as well as these mysterious voices that keep following him around.
Anyway, this chapter will be divided into parts for faster updating. It’s still part of the “Hel-chan” universe and will be connected to all the other chapters.