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@RyanTheScribe: Uhh? Happy New Year to you as well
December 28th, 2015
Merry Christmas!
I'm never gonna be able to post more than one page per week.
@RyanTheScribe: Thank you for your honesty. Some day, I'll learn to add textures to things haha
Remember, it's Mondays AND/OR Fridays! Still trying to get my ducks in a row. Of course I decide to reboot my comic and then I proceed to have the worst few months in my life lol
Oh well, what're you gonna do? Chug on, right?!

...Yupp, still need to apologize for my backgrounds. At least you can tell they're still walking.
A plain page, but I think those are OK sometimes. ):
You know, when I scan them in and touch them up, the lighter colors I user for the backgrounds disappear! It's actually really annoying.
I wouldn't expect more than one update a week for a little while!
@RyanTheScribe: Thank you!! I appreciate that!
Do I still need to apologize for bad backgrounds?!

This page took 10 hours!! 10!

I actually stopped drawing when I put this comic on hiatus a few years ago, believe it or not. I didn't even doodle, otherwise I'd see a slip in my grades. I had to draw almost every day since I graduated, this past May, because my progress had regressed by so much. Needless to say, I'm incredibly proud of this page and I hope you all find it as pretty as I do!
First page!
I hereby promise to not change styles in the middle of chapters.

As of right now, I have no set schedule for updates. Therefore, they can be expected but the timing will be unpredictable. I'd like to have a solid month's worth of updates prepared before choosing a schedule. MOST LIKELY, I will end up doing 1 or 2 updates per week, but no more than that.

I'll also be setting up a Patreon account!! I hope to make enough to keep up with the art supplies I use because I prefer a traditional medium and then touching up using photoshop.

Please bear with me as I play with my art style and supplies! I plan to keep the text hand-written, but if I get complaints about it being hard to read, then I will certainly change this. I would very much appreciate such feedback.

Thank you all <3
@Cliff 133: Thanks for keeping this comic in your favorites!! It means a lot!
@RyanTheScribe: Glad you're excited lol
@Raxki Yamato: Thanks for the enthusiasm! I always enjoyed the comments you'd leave on my pages. :)
Now that I've finished college, guess who can have a hobby again?
I'm reworking this comic and also working on a pokemon fancomic.I realize that I don't have a following any more, but I hope to make a new one. The pages that are currently there will remain while I work on where I left off. I may just restart. Probably.

Currently building a computer so I look forward to using SAI and the toolsI had available to me before. For now, it's just my mac, watercolors, markers, and me.
As someone who has viewed and really enjoyed your work in comics all throughout college, i cannot wait to begin throwing money at you once i begin my career. You deserve every penny and more! Most of all, I hope it's something you really enjoy doing!