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:0 at first i thought the grandma had the knife :'D
jesus, this composition is so great.
yo, this comic's amazin'.
and hello, fellow asexual :3c
look at these beautiful horses!!
Congrats! This was amazing.
a lot of pokémon comic artists find ways to explain certain unaddressed/unexplained things that happen in canon; such as evolution not being available until the story is completed: in this very comic, the artist chose to make the evolution stones dysfunction to explain what seems to make more sense in the video game context but not that much in comic context. This right here (animals being present) is a solution to the problem carnivorous Pokémon cause: what would they eat? In this universe, it seems that they eat regular animals (which I suppose behave the way they do in our world). Other solutions to this problem that I can think of could be having Pokémon eat other Pokémon, or having plants as equivalents to meat exist.
i think they're animals
there are new pages out so i'm gonna read everything from the start again!! just wanted to let you know <3
angry floof!
pffah that caption XD
long boi
that big panel is AMAZING
May 24th, 2019
oh no sounds like someone stepped on a lego