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Thanks to the Internet, I can finally get out all the stuff I did and never dared to show anyone...
Old stuff, new stuff... Whatever, as long as they finally get to be read by someone.

enter at your own risk:

And you can find more art on my DEVIANTART
or, for the realistic style:
I am so in love with your work, art and story. It's just perfect. I can't wait to read more!
Thank you!
Thank you to all the people who commented and said such nice things about my work. I'm really glad you enjoyed reading this graphic novel.
To Slythermint, I've never actually read Sandman. I read the Death 4-issues miniseries drawn by Bachalo several years ago and I've seen Stardust recently, but no Sandman. I'll definitely try it if I have time.
Thank you so much for your kindness.
Hi! Nice to see your story! Plus, I love Ashley Cope's art, so I'm very impatient to discover this little beauty!
It seems some people are leaving text message comments.
As it seems it's spam for porn, I'll delete anything that's not in plain English.
Owww, that's embarrassing...
People keep telling me that about the eyes...
I am sooo going to amend the last pages.
You see, it was all meant to be in color, so it would have been obvious.
The last panel, the man with the purple eyes, is not Arael, it's one of the Higher Beings who's been sent to punish the taboo breakers.
There was supposed to be a second issue of this graphic novel.

I'm sorry for the mistake, I'll definitely clean all that and make it more obvious!

Thanks for your kind words and encouragements.
OK... Gorgeous... Way too beautiful!
I can't wait to see and read more!
August 11th, 2008
I love this "cover" illustration!
It's gorgeous and strong!
Beautiful!! More!
What a peaceful illustration!
it makes me want to curl up in this warm bed and sleep restfully!
I love the soft tones and coloring!
Thank you for the praise!! <3
But (!) the story and dialogue are written by Kelley Armstrong, who is a professionnal writer! And ype, she's good with dialogues!
This is a graphic novel I'm doing as a freebie for her website.
A thousand million times, thank you, to all you people who read this story and accompanied my characters up to the end.
Thank you for your kindness, your support and your time.
This is the last page of the story...
It makes my heart skip a bit to see it everytime, because I put so much time and effort in this project...
The page after this one, isn't part of the story, it's a thank you note for you all.
Actually, yes, they are old. I love it because I spend so much time on it and I was sad that nobody had ever read it. So Smackjeeves it is... Now the circle's closed and I'm happy.
I still hope, even if it's old, that it'll touch people's heart.
43 down, 3 to go!!
Hi, As always thank you a thousand(billion) times for your support and kindness.
But... Page 42 is not the last one! There are 46 pages to this story, so 4 more to go!
July 26th, 2008
Your art is very original!
It has something of Fairyland. I really like it!!
So late!!
Finally!! I'm sorry it took me so long to add pages... I just moved and getting everything up and running was a nightmare!
I hope you'll enjoy this...
We're very close to the end, now!
There will be other stories! Except the next one will be kind of like a action movie... A very stupid one!
Thank you for your kindness! I'm glad you liked it! <3<3<3<3
Thanks! *^_^* <3
We're close to the end, now, only 8 pages left!
Damn, it's not clear because it was meant to be colored, but she's giving him her blood to revive him...
Not really, I discovered his work after I did this, but I take it as a compliment, as he's so talented!! Arkham Asylum was reeeaaally impressive (and scary) :D