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Hi you all, I'm brazilian so my english may come with a few mistakes.
Anyway, enjoy my work.
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(Sine here)
Wow, I haven't talked to you guys in a while. I should change that, sorry!
Yeah, I'd like to come back and try to be more active orz
This page is really cute, can't wait to see them getting closer!
Also, Muse <33 Now I really want to hear Adrian singing!
xDD Really? I've never heard of the caduceus being considered official. Well, people do mistake them all the time (I've done it before xD) ...and to be fair the caduceus IS prettier *shot*

Poor Apollo *pats*
Yeahhhh.....yeahhhhh....I'm so sorry...things have been pretty hectic around here. I started med school last month and I've been living by myself for the very first time...I'm still trying to adjust. Sorry?
Gosh, I really need to finish this chapter....
Urg, I'm so sorry this page sucks, I dislike it a lot.
Thing is...I'll be moving to another state tomorrow, so it's a miracle I actually had time to update.
I'm not sure I'll be able to update next week though...hope you guys can understand. -w-

Kawaii-chan<3: She really should xD
Carramae: Nope, men like this don't live in his world
imeshness09: It does! xD
MIDOxRI: Don't we all do that? lol
wicked kisameru: Hahaha, she really is!
/// My updates will be on sunday instead of saturday from now on /// (well, at least for a while)

Daiasoes-> I was hoping someone would ask that just so I could answer: **~It's the shoujo magic!!~** xD
Eternalxsnow-> Yup, that's such a pain to draw. Oh, well, I like long hair anyway
Carramae-> Hiko lives in a world where men can't be that pretty. That's why he's going to suffer through this comic xD
Nyanko-tan-> Yeah, I was wondering if people would remember her! Sadly, that's pure shoujo magic. It works in mysterious ways!
Thank's crunchyblueberry, UnknownDream, yumi-sama, Isu (A really girly one, I'd say xD), Tessan12, Eternalxsnow, Carramae, Nyanko-tan and Para.island (I'm so sorry xD) for the comment.

Those who were surprised ended up surprising me xD. I wasn't really trying to hide Mamoru's secret that well, hahaha
I'll stop being lazy and start answering your lovely comments <3
On a side note, this chapter is coming to an end! Yay!
Thank you for your comments!
If I don't procrastinate we may have another page this saturday~ *wants to finish this chapter*
I'll have to travel tomorrow so I'm updating Fujoshi! earlier instead of missing another chance to update (Sorry, christmas got in my way)
Hope you guys had a great christmas and Happy New Year!! <33
Thank you guys so much for you lovely comments! I was afraid no one would remember this comic xD
No, not dead. No, didn't give up this comic.
Regular updates from now on~
October 10th, 2010
Found it and I'm reaadddiinnggg it~(What can I say? The summary sure is appealing xD)

Keep going imouto-chan. Can't wait to see more pages of it <33
black sesame: Hiko may be the only sane one around there xD. Thank's!
Harrow: Beware!!
Isu: Haha, poor teacher. Thank's~
XHOLIS: No one can resist the accent!!
I dislike the second panel so much I almost gave up posting this page...oh, well..*sighs*
salis: Yeah, Rie is always cute even while planning her...yaoi stuff. Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it!

Rakugosha: Well, antes tarde do que nunca, sim? xD
Thank you!! I'm glad to hear that! Yeah, I'm happy we won, but the most nervewrecking game is coming!

baeduxai: Thank's~

Nyanko-tan: Yeah, I like to draw Fujoshi only when I feel like, but I always try to stay as active as I can.
Thank's, I'll!

Daiasoes: Haha, sorry for the long wait! Yeah, the poor math teacher can't wait to retire!
Thank you~
First of all I want to thank Yori Hayashi Chan, Nyanko-tan, Megaultima, Daiasoes, black sesame and Ai Ataru (It's not, but thank's for asking) for the comments <3

Wow, 3 months without an update, yeah...uh, oh well, won't bother you guys with an excuse. I just didn't have the time to update. I'm on vacations now and hopefully will be able to update a lot more...I think...well, maybe if Brazil wins on sunday xD
I had to rush this page due to some health problems, nothing to worry about, I assure you. Still, hope you enjoy it.
Ah, it may take me a while to answer your comments this time, but I'll do it eventually <3
J-F ~> Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it!
Yori Hayashi Chan ~> Oh I have a really big personal bubble as well, but Rie...well, I don't think she has one xD. Thank you very much

flynfreako ~> You actually bothered to comment in the previous pages? xD Thank's!

yumi-sama ~> Yup, that's what is coming. Thank you!

Ren-chin ~> I'm glad you like this!