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p sure that's just a regular zigzagoon tho
Every single panel in this page is a wholeass mood
She literally smacked the smug look off his face! 😂
Go Flavia!!
god bless
Wow ok now I gotta go change my vote for favorite character thanks a lot
Glad you're back! (omg he named his espeon ashes)
ever seen a horse so beautiful you started to cry
Rayne eats gummis for breakfast
And just like that the sight of Gary swimming has watered my crops cleared my skin fixed my grades and cured my depression
I wonder... Is he wearing a cape to hide his missing pawprint? Or just a coincidence? :3c
I gotta say, I'm really digging how you're incorporating the gameplay elements into this story! It's a kind of literal interpretation of the mechanics that really puts the 'mystery' in mystery dungeon! and I love it!