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*Mild chuckle.* Well, I'd read about a circus themed thing like that. ;> But then I'd read pretty well much anything really, as long as it's about winged humaniods. :>
*Tries to give the news cast a good sounding theme.*

It's all good. It's worth the wait when you're wanting to make the scene feel right.

Though could always give ya a 2nd or even 3rd opinion privetly if you want. :>
Cute Nemo doin' cute stuff. *Then snickers.* Too bad Crow wasn't lookin', otherwise a good ol butt wriggle might make him even more flustered. :P
*Sets the JAWS theme to playing in the background while looking at Shark.* Heehee, Happy Late Halloween to you as well.
*Chuckles.* That second panel, worth it! :P
Poor Nemo... am sure you'll understand in time.
Take it easy and hope things ease up for you some. Do hope you feel better soon for sure and things become less stressful.
You're doomed!
October 11th, 2019
That blushing in that last panel, cute and priceless.
Heehee, someone's happy. :P And all blushy too.
@Bloody Murder: Are times I soo wanna hug him and Nemo. Both are soo cute. :>

Most welcome. :>
Looks like Nemo was expecting a kiss or three.... Cause that last panel is priceless. :P
Crow blushing, rather coot. ;>

Do hope you enjoy yourself and stay safe while you're gone.
@Bloody Murder: Thanks kindly. :>

*Chuckles softly at all the cootness.*

It happens. I remember doing something once somewhere and it ended up posting the same thing 10 times.
@Bloody Murder: *Nods some.* Speaking of health things. Had to have my left ear flushed. *Shudders.* Was getting pretty bad there. Other than that, I'm pretty healthy.

Are you trying to act cute for crow? :P

Most welcome. Must have been a slight server hiccup or something.
@Bloody Murder: Good to hear. Hope you're able to stay healthy. :>

*Mild chuckle.*

Pssst, got two uploads of the same page.
It's okay. Hope you're feeling better. That whatever the pain was wasn't anything bad.

Oops, silly Nemo. Bet Crow might fix ya right up. ;>
Heehee, happy love bird/fish. :>

Wish I could join ya shark in the night swim.
*Starts singing.* Under the sea.... *Ducks, just HAD to.*