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Is this full?
I wonder whats going to happen next.... damn you. lol
Omg, your alive.. I thought you wouldnt be posting anymore. TT^TT But YAY!!!.... Lol happymeal.
I haven't commented this comic for awhile... Its really interesting, I like it... I see you've updated more since the last time I viewed it... :D Keep up the good work. :3

Don't act like I'm a damn goblin!
Don't yell at her! Goblin!
Lol Favorite part. :3
I see a hinny,
Its wet and shiny.
You better hide it,
Or I'm going to bite it.

I love your comic so far.... First time reader. :]
I think Lawrence is my favorite character.... just because he has more facial hair and he wears glasses. :3 hehehhehe... ._.'
Omg i waited soo long :D

This was a good one.
Yay update! It looks awesome...and whats this, she never did it.. interesting >.>

cant wait to know whats up!... >.<
awesome..... thats all I can say. :D
Awesome! NEW PAGE!

loved it!
huzzah a comment!
Its all falling into place.

hmmmm seems like something I would do when I smashed face.
For some reason the first panel reminds me of sweeney todd O.o seriously...
awe :3
I think they would make a great couple.... If he wasnt gay. Is he gay? idk
He Be Pimpin
lmao that is hilarious something that I would try to do.
That's awesome can't wait till the next page. F****** A!
I love the old version better but yeah if you wanna change it go for it......
Hey that's cute ^3^

I never done a collab before can I join? pwez *puppy dog eyes*