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Firstly, Cass back away from the damn hair.
Secondly, Cass stop trying to date people it's never going to work out, I love ya but no.
@redmarielle: Smackjeeves as private messages? (I lowkey never go on the actual site) To add me on discord you can just go onto the app/site, enter friends, go to "add friend" and paste ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ#6866 into the search bar, once you press enter it'll send a friend request where I can dm you. Sorry if this is a bad explanation!
Hey, Red, if possible could you add me on discord? I just want to ask you a few things for the server. (which should be done within the next few days if all goes well!)
Cas best be staying away from Kylee's hair
@redmarielle: Of course I want to make one, this comic is the highlight of my week! I'll work on creating the server over the next week or so and post the link in the comments upon completion.
Hey, I was wondering if your comic happened to have a discord server I could join? If not would it be possible for me to make one?
So, when is she going to kick someone's ass with her karate knowledge?
Oh we know you got it Kimmy ;)
rereading this again, and I just realized Kim is touch Kylee in every single frame. Coincidence? I think not!
My poor heart is melting. Also, Kylee is a human confirmed!
I swear I come back to this comic daily, just counting down the days til the next episode of my gay tsundere boys
Kim, Kylee needs a hug stat. We can't have our emo tsundere boi crying.
I was at camp when this was posted, but I knew Kim wasn't upset. He's just a concerned lil tsundere <3
Kim looks so unimpressed... Hopefully he tries to believe Kylee, even if it's hard.
Or he can confess that he's not mad at Kylee, since I suspect he isn't... Nonetheless. Excited to see where this goes-
Kylee with that sass.
Can we all just appreciate razorblade? She is literally the cutest thing.
@boiseboo: To our knowledge they haven't done a drug test on him, and honestly why would they? There was evidence of drugs being there, so logically one would assume he used them.
As much as I want to scream at them for assuming Kylee had something to do with this, I can't. The boy is literally there for doing drugs and harming a calf, and the evidence points to him being in on it. One could argue they should see the bruises and piece together that he was beat up by the others, but that doesn't really say anything aside from he got in a fight. There is literally nothing to say he wasn't doing drugs when the shed went up in flames.
Kylee sounds so excited to be stuck with Cassie, I bet he'd prefer if kim were there.
This is the first female human we've been officially introduced to throughout this comic, so that's something.