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I like both writing and drawing. :>
Sometimes I like writing more (roleplaaay), and sometimes I lean more on the drawing side (webcomics?).

Right now, I love both about the same, so I decided I'd join this lovely site and contribute... Haha. With my very amatuer work. -dies-
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September 17th, 2008
Ohhh, aesome. :3 I should invest in it, sometime. xD Once I finally finish the sketches I want to work on.

And I'm talking about the one in the bottom-right corner, where he's saying, "What!? Three!? That's totally messed up."
September 16th, 2008
@ Loverofpiggies: Oh, you wouldn't. xD; I'm a... lurker. But I've been following your comic for a while now! I don't remember exactly how long. 'Love the cast, and the story, and the art! <3 Keep up the good work~ I await more updates. :'3

Oh, and I wouldn't mind a wallpaper, or something, of that last Val panel I mentioned. -bricked, so many times-

EDIT: And I was wondering where you got your tones from? Or, are they from some manga-drawing program?
September 10th, 2008
I... love... that last panel at the bottom so much. xD;

VAAAALLL~! <3333 times infinity
xDD Ahaha, that has so happened to me before. Ugggh.
Yey. :D
Aw man, no info on Lia? wtf, indeed. >3>

Character page, whoo~ I replied about the kanji thing on the page with Manaka's profile, but I suppose I was too late about that. xDD; Bad time to be afk.

Haha, I guess you're right on that. But it's not SO pixely that it's distracting. x3

... Hm, I should make a new avatar too sometime today.
Ah, okay. For Manaka, could it be written as Hiragana? But I don't know a whole lot about the Japanese written language, so if not, I'll go with the second kanji. :3

An' thanks for looking this up~
Oh my gosh, this is amazing. xD
That clean lineart... and cellshading... <333!
I love your coloring. It makes everything so shiny~ xD

Manaka -- 2nd/Ka Uniform
Awesome~~ Is there a general idea about what the OUTISIDE of the buildings look like?

About the idol teachers, how abooout... Lia, or YUI?
Whoo, finally got this done. ^^;

When it comes to the actual comics, I'll probably ink them, since my scanner' not the greatest. x___x
But I got lazy this time, and just wanted to focus more on the coloring.
Yesss, an idol school... The whole idea does sound very interesting. This would be the first collab as well, and since I've been in a drawing mood but lacking in my own plot ideas... D:

I would be interested in joining~