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I started this page ages ago. I'm hoping to finish it soon, and maybe get back to this.
*sees self in mini bracket at bottom*

.... *wonders when the hell I signed up, and how I managed to hold my own vs Akuma, for the most part*
@pat: Yes, yes it is.

@Pat-Man: I saw that mod yesterday. I kinda wanna get it and use it to build this, so it'll be more... Sized. Instead of being like 100+ blocks high lol.

@Gehshi: I'll save and upload once it's all done.
It's huge. And 3D. ANd taking forever.
Who the hell is that other guy? The one in panel 4? I don't think he's been here before... or at least not for a looong time...
Silly Matt. Caek is always carrying melons. Well, normally...
There may or may not be a typo in the author comment. Just saying.
"This poor game wasn't going to succeed, everybody knew that but nobody wanted to accept it."

WOW. Can I have some of what you're smoking? How do you have ANY knowledge of how a game is or is not going to do? With how hand in hand this was being developed so far, I'm pretty fucking sure it would have turned out just fine, especially after taunting fans with the cliffhanger for ten fucking years.

"I remember playing Legends. Gameplay was shit due to crappy PSP emulator."

The obvious problems with this statement are in the last two words. PSP and emulator. You emulated a port of the game, which already had bad controls due to button limitation, then added buggy reproduction on top of it, thus, your own damn fault.
No Bells? I guess those poor Animal Crossing folk aren't welcome XD
I went 17 rounds with Life.

.... I didn't land a single hit.

......... *thunk*

In real news, gonna switch to a Wednesday only schedule. That let's me devote a whole day per panel, thus more time for quality 8D; Oh, and my car broke down and stuff, but it's being fixed. Basically, lots of stuff has happened to me outside of work that've been keeping me busy as hell. No I won't apologize for it. It's life. I have no control over it.
No, his full name IS Martin Seamus McFly Sr. It would appear, good sir, that YOU are the failure. Thank you, and have a lovely day.
I really had no ideas, though I still feel rather proud of this.

Also, yes, my comic template DOES have a free bar along the bottom I used for banners for a short time, and I might just rent that space out for a bit, for a small price... hehehehehe.
All version will have CNZ, but it's supposedly planned DLC. The level list was ripped from the demo by people at Sonic Retro
Well, this is news to me. I have some idea I could use...

So, starting my bi-weekly update scheme now. Bi-weekly as in twice a week. Aiming for Wednesdays and Weekends. Also, the metal Sonic robots speak in Dalek font. Now you imagine them talking like Daleks! FOREVER!

3 years, 6 months, and 7 days ago, I started this comic with the intention of emulating the success of some of my favorite comics at the time, such as Bob and George, Planet Zebeth, and Helmeted Attack. Two of those three have ended, as this comic is now.

In the beginning, I wasn't terrible. I wasn't great either. But I've never really had a story for this. It was always kind of just... "Oh, I like those sprites! I wanna use them!" And then I made some shoddy story around them. While that worked at first, things happened in real life that distracted me from making more pages, which caused me to lose sight of where the crummy bits of story I did have were going.

Now, this is a major problem. It's sapped my will to work on just about everything, because I didn't wanna let go of this. I still kinda don't want to, but it's time to get over it. Hopefully leaving this behind will free me up to work on other things, like my sprites, TMO, and various author comics I'm a part of.

So, finally, thanks to anyone who made a cameo appearance. Thanks to whoever sent in some questions a while back. Thanks to anyone and everyone who hosted this (piece of crap) comic at any time. Thanks to anyone whose ripped sprites or backgrounds I used. And last, but not least, a very big thank you to anyone who actually considered themselves a fan of this comic. Fans are the most important part of a comic, more so than flashy graphics or, god forbid, a plot! So, one final thank you.

And if you have any questions about any part of this comic, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to answer them quickly. Thanks again.
I get to brag this year. I'm already done with classes until the fall semester starts again 8D
Damn, that background is old... I'd forgotten all about that picture...
Since my April Fool's day prank was such an utter flop, have the real page.
Well, since my April Fool's Day prank was such a flop, here's the real page.