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For all these comics (which are like, 1-2 years old...) I used Photoshop, but now I've moved to SAI :) it has cleaner lines and stuff, yeaah~
@TacoChocobo yeah sorry about that, my scanner sucks so I've had to take photos for my latest pages 8DD;;
Sorry, school made me stop doing comics for a while ;v; I'm on summer break now so I hope I can get back to my weekly updates!
not much to say about this, huh... u__u;

Happy Halloween, everyone! hope you guys have fun :D
BAWWWWWNN it's been so long since I last updated this comic ;n; sorry!!


second part of this comic! ->
September 18th, 2009
omfg cliffhanger get!!
Hi guys! Kuri here :D first of all, thanks to everyone who reads Unlimited, especially those who take the time to comment :) I almost never reply but I do read them all <3


There'll probably be no updates for a couple of Fridays :( school anniversary's coming up and as a member of the student council I've got a lot of work...not to mention the essays I haven't started yet 8DDD;;

I'll try to get back to this as soon as possible. Sorry! ;;

-- kuri <3
bawwn thanks Aila ;3; and sorry for not updating! it's just that I went through a comic-block for Hyphen, focused more on Unlimited annnd I'm lacking the time to do more comics 8D; I'll try to update when I can, I miss this comic lol ;3; <3
oooh, not sure about the name but I think it was Time Squad! XD I didn't get to watch it much because my sister didn't liked it, such a shame :|

but yeaaah, it has a little bit of that changing history thingie, but with more serious things :) like, trying to stop WW2 and such~
@bwarm: They knew it like, the day before, and they wanted to keep it as a surprise until everything was settled~

that and other things which I can't tell youuuu~ -spoilersplz-
that'd be fun, lol~
seriously, 100 fans? but I hardly even update this thing! ;___; ANYWAYS THANK YOU! it really means a lot! <3

ffhghfhgfhf idk what to say

On a more interesting topic, I got around 4 pages done today, so I might start doing more regular updates! awesome, huh? :D next update will be on Friday, so stay tuned! <3
rival? ohgod I didn't know I had a rival! XD


and take care of that wrist, you >:(
hurrrrr sorry for the gigantic lack of updates, guys! ;A; Mixing school, student council, and a huge artblock doesn't help much, huh....

I've been working on the storyboard of this and so far I have the whole 1st chapter planned so it might be easier for me to update...I don't promise anything though! /fail

also I might do the comic on paper, hmm...not sure of it though |:

for those who still read this: I love you all. and I'm sorry for being such a procrastinator. Hmmm. <3
Sorry for the lack of updates as always, take some random Unlimited crack while I try to get an actual page done.

someday. eventually.

- Kuri

PS. the man with the big eyebrows is the boss, Alpha. Then there's Lambda, his assistant; and Sigma, Phi's father. forthosewhodidn'tknow.
GOD DAMN THE CONTEST. I was going to enter but I forgot haha ;_____; -facedesk-

awesome entries! congrats to everyone <3
random fact: this page took me 30 minutes.

I finally got the whole first chapter written in my head now I just need to draw it ]: hope I can update again sooooon~
Sorry for taking so long with the updates guys ;A; -hides-
chapter one begins D:!
fun fact: I uploaded this at 9PM.



btw, 80 fans already? XD WELL! thanks a lot guys, seriously ;A; <33 -hugs-
This comic looks amazing so far! the story's very interesting and I love the artwork as well, such awesome lines :D all that and I love Harry's hair hehe XDD

shall be looking forward to more of this! <3 -thumbsup!-
January 10th -> Tacito's birthday :)

W.A.Y. is a MCR fancomic made by my best friend ever Den xD Tacito appears as Mikey's mug in that comic and now everyone thinks it's actually his mug ;A; asdf!

First well-drawn comic of 2009! XD -cheers-