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The Start of Part 4, Ch. 1
Alright, here is the start of Part 4 everyone guys, it looks like we be getting a look into the past for quite some pages to come, lets enjoy this journey into the history of AO and its characters. :) Also, Im finally completely caught up on all the currently released PTs of AO so far, so till saishan comes out with more PTs, I wont be releasing any more PTs, welp at least I dont have to be playing keep up anymore, so now I can keep better and more quickly re-upload the new PTs, hopefully pretty soon after they release, since I no longer have to re-upload a bunch of pages anymore, this should be a lot easier for me now.

So yeah, till saishan releases more AO PTs, this all for now, though I may post some AO related art, refs, character refs, FAQ, lore, etc. here too, so you can have all that AO goodness all in one place besides, well besides DA of course, dont expect re-uploads of that too often, plus I want to make sure I have the proper permission for that 1st, I have it for the comic pages and covers, but Im not completely sure about the others. Anyways, enjoy and keep your eyes peeled. :)
The End of Part 3, Ch. 1
So yeah, the end of Part 3, Ch. 1. I already man, yeah this part is a little shorter than some others, I was gonna have one more page for this Part, but I decided that the next page is a good starting point for the next Part, though the next page would have been a good ending point for Part 3 too, but I just decided to go with PT. 20/ The next page being the staring point of Part 4. It looks like Ch. 1 is really getting there, there probably isnt too many pages left of Ch. 1, not only a few, but we are really getting there.
Ch. 1, Part 3 Continues
Another page for Part 3 guys, enjoy.
The Start of Part 3, Chapter 1 Everyone
So Im gonna try to get caught up and re-upload the rest of the pages soon that saishan has uploaded on DA so far. Im gonna try that is, so keep a look out guys.
So This May be The End of Part 2, or Maybe Not
Yes, I know this Part is quite a bit shorter than the previous one, its however because I feel like this Page is a good ending point, esp. considering the next page seems to be a good starting point. This may be subject to change, since I cant exactly tell the subject of Part 3 yet, or even if I should start it yet, or just keep re-uploading it as Part 2, its a little hard for me to tell at this point, since besides this page, there is only 2 more pages out with another one coming soon, so yeah its kinda hard to tell. Anyways, this might be the end of Part 2, but also may not be. If it is the end of Part 2, I may take a break between Parts like always, but I also may not. Again, Im sorry to be so vague, but I honesty dont know at this point in time. Please do enjoy the old pages I re-uploaded and all the new pages I just re-uploaded. :)
Another Page Guys, Sorry For Posting So Many Pages at Once
Here is another Page guys, I think Part 2 may be coming to an end soon, maybe, I think I have a good ending point thats coming up soon, but that is subject to change. I may take another break between Parts again, once Im done with Part 2, however since this break ended up being way longer than planned, so I might re-upload till there is no more pages left, we will have to wait and see.
Part 2 Still Continues of Course
Yeah, Part 2 still keeps moving along, not much more to say here. Except, I might actually come back here and other pages and add page descriptions in the author comments of these pages if I have the time and feel up to it, so keep an eye out I guess.
Part 2 of Chapter 1 Continues to March On
The mood has really hit me, so Im gonna strike while the iron is hot and keep posting more pages here for u guys.
Part 2 of Ch. 1 Continues, I feel like Im on a roll
So Im in a good mood, so I decided to re-upload more AO comic pages for u guys, lets hope this moods keeps up. ^^
Finally! The Start of (My) Part 2 of Ch. 1
So, I finally kicked my butt into gear and have decided to start posting more pages. I wanted to take a break between the last part I uploaded, PT. 10, which was also the last page of my (When I say My, I mean what I think I are actually good Part starts and ends, saishan didnt have any Parts really in her comic, just the Prologue, and still being in one long Ch. 1. I made Parts, in order to make it easier on both me and the readers, and to make it a little more organized, so when I say My Part etc., I dont mean I own this comic or created it, just wanted to clarify that) Part 1 of Chapter 1, since I thought it was a good ending point if somewhat of a cliffhanger, I honestly didnt mean to leave u guys on a cliffhanger for so long, I mean to take a break for about 2 weeks to a month, but it ended up turning into 2 months.

Again sorry these uploads took me so long, I have been very busy, and pretty tired and on and off sick for awhile now, plus just having a bunch of little things at once at the same time, its not a major thing, but make it so that every thing I do takes a lot more effort out of me, and can be quite exhausting, Im starting to feel a little better now, so I thought its time I finally start re-uploading again, plus I want to do it. Plus, these re-uploads take awhile, esp, since I have to make sure Im detailed about it. Sorry for this comment, didnt mean to unload my problems on u, I just wanted to say why I have been gone so long. Anyways, Im back kinda, hopefully, dont expect these uploads to be very fast, but Im gonna try to get them up as quickly as possible. :)

Also, Saishan or saishan and the rest of the AO or Another One Team behind this comic: AO, many other art, Skeleton Kingdom, AUs, and other future projects and comics that I wont get too much into now. Anyways, they have set up a Patreon, their stuff is great, so if u can check out their Patreon, or at least just check out the original creators and support them and show them love in ways that u can and can afford if u cant pay right now. Ill make a longer post about this, probably as a news post since I truly love this creator, and I want to help support them, even if I myself cant always afford to pay them as well, though I do hope to do it sometime in the future when I can.
I wouldn't mind
Sure, I'd be ok with that, if they have a DA account they should ask themselves, however if they dont, I dont mind, forwarding questions to the creators, &/ or answering questions that I actually know, can found out myself or I'll ask themselves.

So yes, I'll be ok with forwarding questions, but since Im doing this as a fan, and I dont want to bug and spam the creator too much, I might forward questions in batches, with 1-2 weeks in between the next forwarding, I dont want it being more unless something happens. So if any of u guys want to forward questions, please put somewhere in ur comment that u guys want to forward something.
The End of Ch. 1, Part 1
So here is the end of what I deemed is good place to end Part 1 of Ch. 1 when u look at it story wise. So when I start uploading the next PTs we will be officially in Part 2 of Ch. 1. :)

However at this point I'm gonna take a little re-upload break between chapter parts unless the mood hits me again, don't worry though it shouldnt be too long till I re-upload more, so the wait shouldnt be too long if u are already completely caught up.
Guess what, even more.
So yep, here we go even more pages. :)
More Pages
So yeah, more pages for u guys, enjoy.
Chapter 1 continues. And it looks the resets are in full force, time keeps repeating over and over again. And Flowey is really having none of it, that poor Froggit.
More Ch. 1 pages and a certain golden Flower are Here
So yeah, since Im really in the mood, I decided to re-upload more pages. Im thinking Im gonna try to at least upload the rest of Ch. 1, Part 1, so that is at least 2-4 more pages for u guys before I take a short break, well that is only if my mood sticks. Here is hoping it does. ;)
Ch. 1 continues
Like I promised, I said I would post page besides today besides PT. 4 to make up for having to delete it in order to fix things, so here is the continuation of Ch. 1. And the PT. 5 of the whole series. It is also the continuation of Part 1 of Chapter 1. Remember though, the author actually doesn't have a separation like this, ie there is no parts in the chapter like I'm doing, so far it has just been one long Ch. 1, any chapter separations for the most part that I do, is something I mainly decided for organization sake, and any readers that may read this comic.
The Start of Ch. 1. ^^
So, ok Im starting Ch. 1, yeah I know I said I would upload, but Im on a roll so why stop it now. Anyways, there isnt actually parts in chapter 1, chapter 1 is just chapter 1 and still ongoing. And Part numbers and names that that i give in chapter titles is in order to makes things a little more organized and really help people find where they want to read by the titles of the parts, the title of the part will be a major focus in the part, also I try to find good staring points and ending points that make sense story beat wise, anyways Im not gonna be perfect with this like I said, the author has just had one very long continuous chapter 1, so any way I might try to separate Ch. 1 and future chapters is just what I think is best.

Also, if ur curious as to why in each chapter no matter if prologue or ch. 1 or so on, there is a PT number in parenthesis like this for example: (PT. 04), no matter how many times the page number start over from the start at the beginning of each chapter, that is because its the total number for all currently existing PTs (Parts) in the whole comic, that is how the author titles her pages, as parts and the number continuously keeps going up. So yeah the PT number there will stay a constant, not really getting set back to zero from what I could see even with the release of new chapters, anyways I hope that cleared things up if anyone was confused, Im sorry I got little rambly there, I didnt know how to best explain it.
Another Cover for Another One
Ok, here is the next cover that I decided to use for Ch. 1, Cover 01 was actually released before Cover 00, however from what the author said that Cover 00 works better as the cover for the whole series, while Cover 01 covers more of the story beats of Ch. 1, so yeah now Cover 01 is the cover for Ch. 1, I dont know when or/ if there will be another cover for the series, if there is one it wont be for awhile, though thats the fine, the covers we already have are good.

Also, if ur wondering why I deleted PT. 4, Page 1 of Ch. 1, that's because I meant to put this cover before that page as the cover for Ch. 1, but I forgot, so Im fixing that now. Don't worry though, I'll be posting PT. 4 back up again soon, and to make up for causing so much trouble, I'll be posting at least one more page besides PT. 4. :)
@LamentedShockTrooper: Hehe thanks, Im happy u are liking it so far, there will be new pages soon till Im caught up, then there will be a break. If u see any pages getting deleted that is because Im fixing stuff so dont worry about it. Anyways, I hope u keep enjoying AO. :)