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Anyway I'm 13 born on hallow's eve (creepy I know) I act retared-- er "Mentally challenged" on the internet for laughs but I'm smart then most people think. I just love to procasternate which is the reason I haven't made a single strip since November.

Fav. game series: the lengend of zelda
least fav. game seies: sonic the hedgehog
Game I must have: sims 3
Fav. game: sims 2
least fav. game: sonic unleashed (I just lost half my favers)
Fav. T.V. series: Dotor Who
Least fav. T.V. series: ICarly
Fav. food: pasta
Least Fav. food: chocloate (there goes the other half)
Current residense: Los Angles, California
occupation: school student
Person quote: dodongoes dislike smoke
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I was addicted to a video game BTW (I'm ashamed to admit this) but I started this like what 4 5 months ago
Could this be I actully posted my sprites now I can join other comics.
I'll agree to those mistakes MY paint (for some reason) does not have spell check so I have to open Something type what I'm not sure is right and well this happened like what maybe late at night And all I could think was my bed
I'll edit that out later
edit: maybe some of words are misspelled because your from a different country ( Example: color colour)
fear my minor kid edits
You are getting so much better from when we last met the only problem I see is that the hair needs to be shaded
Origanly made by Blitzs Base sprites belong to whoever. I added an extra pose, hoverboard, a hand-cannon (don't know what it is called), and psychic powers.Effects and boards belong to people, people belong to Jesus, Jesus belongs to God, God belongs to the Bible, and the Bible belongs to God
lol but doesn't China have Prime Minster insted of a President.
I'll keep that in mind
yes yes I know there not that good but at least I tried (sprites belong to their owners)
Yo Blitz can I make a request. Can you make me human Martha Sprites
@ Heavy's repsond to my plead of joy: oh skittles
as long as I'm not their we'll all be happy
We finally have a plot after 160 comics
Not to be mean but that's not really a lot.
I proply eat a lot because I'm a Latino. :P
so do I (wierd thing is I'm not obese I'm just overwieght)