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I like phantomCat's comics and other good pokemon comics
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What??! P.s. and Flare has a healing factor
Can you at least tell us how much the hiatus will be?
That reminds me of attack on titan regeneration like ymir comment if you know what mean
Is that Kyurem's foot? I looked at a photo comparison and its a match pls prove that im wrong
Someone will be very pissed
To all who demand new pages i have a few words SHUT UP AND LEAVE THE AUTHOR IN PEACE and if you like reading , read a book if you cant wait
Those Jolteon facesπŸ˜‚
So many eeveelutions ,so confusing
Heart a tt tack caaan ttt hhann dle *dies of heart attack*
Awfully familiar p.s. its the first comic
Fainted jerk-o-lanturn in the background
Hey look
Hey look a misile WAIT A MOMENT!😐