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* Current Residence: Somewhere up in the mountains or near the ocean
* Interests: Video games, digital art, flash animation, more video games, deviantart
* Favourite movie: Grandma's Boy (or the Klumps)
* Favourite band or musician: Oooh, toughie, probably every awesome band in the 60's
* Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
* Favourite artist: The Who
* Favourite poet or writer: J.R.R Tolkein
* Favourite photographer: Myself
* Favourite style or digital art: flash animation (even though I suck at it)
* Operating System: PC Win 7 but lately leaning towards Mac OSX
* MP3 player of choice: winamp or xbox360
* Shell of choice: Turtle(oh that was original...)
* Wallpaper of choice: Video Game related or island theme
* Skin of choice: Human(how do I come up with these things?)
* Favourite game: Breath of Fire 3, FF7 close second
* Favourite gaming platform: Does a PC count?
* Favourite cartoon character: Protoman (Blues)
* Personal Quote: Live your life the way you want to!
* Tools of the Trade: Computer, Sprite sheets, and free time
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Ah yes, real wisdom comes from a spontaneous burst of words from a half-awake individual. Happens in life all the time.
Hah, team training day! I just had one of those at work.
I really like this cover!
Merry Christmas (eve)!
Way to go Mitch, you broke the world.
Huzzah Huzzeh Hooray!
And so one of my favorite holidays comes to pass once again. Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!

Ryoko as a French Maid
Proto as Sub Zero (Yeah I know its a pretty bad custom job but at least my real life SZ costume turned out good)
Mage as Ben Jordan Paranormal Investigator
FoxMcCloude as Ruisu Grayson (OC pokemon trainer)
Lady as Lady Palutena
B3K as Finn the Human
<img src=""&g t;
@shadowm: You might have to wait a bit before you see him, but I'll try to squeeze him in.
They both look so into this fight :P
Before you think you're better than Protoman Ballad, you should check your cool point count, I think Proto has you beat.

Ps: Last panel, if you are implying Crash is grinning, perhaps put a black line to separate the top and bottom teeth, looks a bit odd otherwise.
October 12th, 2012
Hey! That shield was vintage!
@NMA: yup, in the kggg panel. I'm sure DJ'll fix it.

Nice fight scene! I especially liked the kick pose.
Apologies for the slow updates as always, school, work and overall life taking up my time.

Keep in mind this fight is taking place in an unlit dungeon setting. Might try to experiment with the lighting a bit more in future pages.
@PurpleCP: While the sprites may be the same, they aren't necessarily going to have the same name as their real game counterpart. I know it's confusing >_<
Oh dear, the villain has brought out the big guns. Oh well, if Mitch defeats him, he'll get an upgraded sword!
Pretty much ditto what DJ said. I'd love to get some PW characters back into this crazy story...or not, your comic, your call.
Finally out of that same room! And to think I wanted to make that last fight longer!

Anyhoo, looks like our heroes are in some serious (and painful) trouble. Will Proto and Ryoko be able to help them? Stay Tuned!
To Dr. Light:

Why didn't you make any other robots with shades?
Back from unannounced hiatus. Moving to a new place, surgery, work, and now school have tied me up a bit, but as always, I plan on finishing Pixel Wars.

Thanks for waiting. Stay tuned.