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Snow vampire
The only time where it's OK for a vampire to sparkle in sunlight!
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Rooftop girl: "Hey, you know, I'm kinda through with guys myself right now. Wanna go drink a coffee with me sometime? My treat! <3"
Amber, thinking: "Wait, is she hitting on my? I don't know how to handle this!" *flies off*
Girl, left on the roof, shouting: "Maybe dinner and a romantic movie? Pick me up!"
Javier: "Mind explaining, Swanson?
Gail, thinking: "Play dumb!"
Gail, out loud: "Who's Swanson?
Gail, thinking:" Not THAT dumb!"
No, Tabby, not the chair, it will break! Oh, wait, Gail made a dozen of them when practising her powers... never mind then.
Psst, Tabitha, maybe you can recharge her energy in another way. One that doesn't involve resting (but I reckon still involes a bed)!
@Spartanc45 Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can cause lasting emotional trauma that will scar me for life!
Time to play Two for Flinching!
No one has commented on the mouseover text yet?

"Har har har! Mine is an evil laugh!"