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Okay, my name is spencer and im a 14 year old emo crazed chick.
Sexual orintation:gay!

Hobbies:drawing, watching anime, and reading shoujo-ai manga ;D

job: still in school

location: a stupid hick town in one is gay here omg im so movin away wen i gradguate! LA here i come!!

description: short blonde hair,boyish looking, black stuff, baggy clothes most the time, basicly your average emo chick. not to mention failing grades! ^^' i draw a lot during class heh. and i do have 4 piecings in my left ear and 2 in my right and i plan on getting a lot more i love piercings!!!!(my mom said i had to wait till im 18...Dx
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awsome comic look forward to seeing what happens countinue on with your awsomeness!!!!
i love the comic so far, great job....and don't worry we're all lazy like that ^^
omg! what did poor romy do? is she jealous of olivia biting romy......if she is thats not fair its not romys fault olivia is attracted to her!
yay pastel's back!!!! ^///^
hey no worries its fine with me i can wait forever for an awsome comic like this ^_____^
omg niki looks fine in this pic ^___^
hey i think its awsome your redoing it not saying your last one wasnt awsome, but this looks great have you been workin on a different style?
i think vanessa and camille are hot XD nice comic cant wait for the update^^
i want more! i absolutly love this comic!^^
*claps* wonderful! i just love your artwork its awsome! can't wait for the next update! ^^
more i want more yuri!!! yayz ^^
i cant wait for the nxt update the is my fav shoujo-ai webcomic so far! ^^
awsome story so far i can wait awhile for a comic as awsome as this one, so no worries! and i cant wait to see wat crazy thing tomoyo does to break up megumi's date ^^