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Joseph Staleknight
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That's our Link, alright.
Oh yes, this is definitely the comic I've been waiting years for. Nice to have you back, Dregan!

Now to update the TVTropes page with these stunning revelations I've read.
Hiatus #1
My buffer's running thin, so I'm putting this on pause to catch up. Usually I don't do this because I'm good at updating my script when needed, but I just don't seem to be on the ball this time around. These hiatus strips won't be too frequent, and will in fact not appear on my dA or be announced outside SJ at all, so as not to draw attention to something that contributes nothing to the story.

See you when I write up the storyboard for my next 10 or so comics.
I hardly find that a surprise.

Now if on the other hand the boss was Sansequal, well....
A little briefing, and some sparring, ensues.
Conversation with Mr. Kahler
Okay, good news bad news time:

Bad News: I didn't make a Halloween special today.
Good News: At least I made a comic!
Auttenberg the Terrible Liar
Auttenberg, you sure are bad at covering your fear.
Bright flash + unprepared guy = pretty much a blind guy.
The demons' resurrection
Sorry, Spear Knights, but Tia doesn't buy it.

Here's to hoping I get back to schedule here myself!
What do you mean they're not scary?!
Well, at least Auttenberg thinks so. I'm sure we've seen those guys somewhere else,....
And thus, Act II of Arc I begins with a man screaming for his life.
Is it really worth it?
If I had this decision, I'd probably stick with the vampire, for fear that he'd find me and suck me dry.
Urchin's habits
Okay, first of all, I'd like to apologize for the lateness of this comic, as university was a pressing issue the past week, taking precious time away from this comic.

Now then, yes, Sichte did grow up on the streets. It's in her bio.
Thicker than water, thicker than wine,...
Tastier than butter,
if you're that...type.

Sorry, couldn't think of a good rhyme.
Count Sepperin's Plan
Sorry this took so long. All I can say is that I'm glad to be able to move on to later comics.
Zorne and the phoenix-girl
Well guys, unfortunately #41 is taking a bit longer then I wanted it to, and I also came close to overtaking my script, so meanwhile here's another filler!
Watch out! The floor's slippery!
And with that, the opening stage proper is over.

Also, actual dialogue from the game in panel 3.
Ice Sculpture Spiritia
If you were stuck in that icicle for a while, you too would want to break out as soon as possible.

EDIT! It appears that I've finally got a top rating for my comic! I owe everyone a big thanks for their support, and hope to keep this comic going strong!
Be one with God, Tia.
With the battle over, Freu departs for her post in the rebellion, but not without sending Tia a parting shot.

Or rather a parting freeze-bomb-attack.
@mzpblue: Well said.